Monday, 7 March 2011

Darul Kitab - Give Away!

Darul Kitab Learn About Series Give Away is open from today till next Tuesday 15th March 2011 12 midnight Qatar (Saudi, Kuwait time zone) time Insha Allaah.

So what do you have to do? Please leave a comment on this post Insha Allaah which should include the following:

  • Your honest comments on the "Islaam is my Life Pre School Curriculum" that we are following Insha Allaah. Constructive criticism are more than welcome so that we can improve on it Insha Allaah.
  • If you are to choose one book from the Learn About Series which one would you like and how would you use it with your children?

  • One comment per reader.
  • Comment should include both aspects mentioned above
  • No anonymous post.
  • Please mention your Kunya or Name or Profile name
I was thinking to select the winner through Random number generator. But again I thought I would like Maimoonah to get involved in this Give Away too Insha Allaah. So what we would do is, depending on the number of comments we will write numbers on paper from 1 - whatever, roll each number and draw lots Insha Allaah. Maimoonah will pick the winner bi idhnillaah. I hope and pray that all of you would trust us Insha Allaah. We have no intention of favouring anyone in particular... smile!!!.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday 16th March 2011, Insha Allaah. And the winner can contact me via email and send the address Insha Allaah Darul Kitab will deliver the set of books to you bi idhnillaah.

You are more than welcome to link this post to your blog so that all of your readers too could participate in this Give Away Insha Allaah.


Umm Suhailah said...


"May Allaah bestow His peace & mercy upon The Prophet, his family, his companions, and on all of those who follow them in truth until The Last Day" Aameen

As Salaamu Alaikum

My name is Aameenah, but I go by Umm Suhailah. I would choose "Our Creator"

I would use the series with "The Islaam Is my Life..." curriculum.

My thoughts about theh curriculum. I swear by Allaah that today is my actual first day using the curriculum. Even though I've talked about this curriculum and shared it with my friends and family. I have used it today with the intent to use it all the way until the weeks are completed.

First, before any criticism is made, suggested or the like. I just want to say Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum for taking the time to share the curriculum with your sisters in the deen.

I don't have a "critism" or any type of "additions" or "subtractions" to the curriculum. Why? Because in all honesty I had no clue what a curriculum is. I'm still learning. Second, I use it, along with ideas I have for home schooling.

Suhailah and Yara are pretty young and so I don't expect to finish---let's say week 1 (everything on that page in that week)

But my goal is to get them to understand whatever that subject was for the week. Such as week 1 (which I started today) "Who Is Allaah?" Right now the both of them can tell me who Allaah is. And without the curriculum I would not honestly know how to begin.

I'm still learning. And right now as we speak. It's posted on my wall as a guide.

Alsoooooo my husband loves it lol and that's a big plus to me :)

Well thats enough for now lol.

"May Allaah reward those who strive in this blessed deen to please Him for his sake alone, truly seeking His Jennah and fearing His Hell-fire." Aameen

Umm salih said...

Assalam u Alaykum warahmatullah,

1.MashaAllah Islaam is my life is a splendid curriculum Alhumdulillah, true to its name it connects everything to Allah and islaam,instilling the love of Allah in this very little age(which is very important!) I've been following it and saving all the booklets by sister Umm Nu'man for my little one.
As for criticism then i don't have any.I'm loving it Alhumdulillah...!! *smile* will only adjust it according to my son inshaAllah.

2. It would be difficult choosing one, I'd want all of them! The titles are so good. The one I'll choose will be "My little book of Jannah" i will read and re-read it with my son, discussing Jannah, how to attain it, making him "long for his eternal home" and doing practical activities like making a 'sadaqa box', helping someone, visiting the sick, etc.(the list can be really long!) InshaAllah this will make him realize his purpose and goal in life. To please Allah and pass this test, and enter Jannah inshaAllah. Jannah fascinates children a lot! They can imagine all they want!

Thats it i guess.
Jazakillah khayr for all the effort you put in.
Umm Salih

Umm Adam said...

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

Firstly I want to thank you and ask Allah to reward you greatly for your efforts, masha Allah. You have and still are inspiring me so much by this blog.

My name is Monika Aya, and I go by Umm Adam. I have three children, the oldest at 4 years old named Adam, Roqaya 2,5 years old and Romaysa 3weeks, masha Allah.

1. Regarding your curriculum I have to say I love it. My two oldest children are benefitting a great deal from it, and we are just in week three! alhamdulillah. I have adjusted just a few things to personalize it, like the together we read book, simply because english is not our first language and we dont get the titles here ;) but I have no critisism or proposals at all.

2. Of the dar ul kitab titles, without having looked inside of them, to me the final choice would be between "asking Allah alone" and "remembering Allah at all times". Maybe I would end on "remembering Allah at all times" and would try to tie this up to an understanding of the concept of ihsaan for the children (in reminding them that if one remembers Allah at all times one may also remember that Allah sees all our actions though we dont see Him) may connect the theme to all the different adkhar, and to having a sincere and pure intention to please Allah in our actions and the benefits of that.

Looking forward to continue following your blog and your curriculum, insha Allah.

Wasalaamu alaikum, Umm Adam

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillahi... that i came across ur blog... as s say u have byn inspired from other sis n started to homeschool n i have been inspired from u to start homeschool my son who is now two years... i intend to follow ur curriculum n use ur activites... u've put it so simple but yet so detailed..
and i wud choose "my creator". so that i can teach him abour Allah.. i could do sort out activites, n show things out in the open n discuss about creation of Allah. will use books from sis Umm Nu'man.
jazakaAllah Khairan

aminath said...

a apologize that i (Aminath) posted early "Anonumously".. so i'm "recommenting" inorder that i won't b i've violated the rules..

Ummu Maryam Samiha said...

Assalaamu Alaykum.

The syllabus you offer is beautiful maashaa'Allaah. To improve it, perhaps you can update the talibideen jr links as they no longer work.

Regarding the books, something on manners like the one on parents would be great. As we live in the west, there is a great importance of learning good islaamic manners.

Jazakillaahu khayraa!

Umm An-Nu'man said...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Jazakillaahu khayr for this wonderful giveaway dear sis!

For your curriculum....I honestly can't think of anything that I would suggest you change.

I think I would like to read the book "Our Parents" insha'Allaah.

Jazakillaahu khayr again dear sis!

Anonymous said...

Assalaa mu alaykum wa rahmatullah,I cant seem to post except as anonymous...

Jazakillaah for lovely give-away, may it be beneficial for the winner and her family and may it be a wonderful sadaqah jaariyah for you inshaAllaah.

your curriculum is awesome mashaAllah and all I can say is baarakAllaahu feeki.
i would love the Our Parents books, the cover looks lovely!

Umm Muhammad Saalih

UmmSara said...

assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

MashaAllah what a nice give away.
Honestly I had been thinking about a little kids competition give away for while now, but I have not had a chance to figure out all the details yet.
It is such a wonderful opportunity to get valuable books though give-aways mashaAllah : )

Concerning the curriculum: It is very simple yet very nicely planned. I like it. I do follow the weeks you have covered and they are very productive mashaAllah.
I do not really have any suggestions at this moment : )

We actually have not read any books from Darul Kitab. They look lovely outside and I hope inside is even better. And all the titles sound very nice, difficult to decide which one to choose.
"My little book of Jannah" should be a good choice for us. My son loves learning about Jannah so much : )

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaykum warahmathullaahi wabarakaathuh,

Yaa Umm Maimoona, I stumbled upon your site accidently. That was during last year Ramadaan. I have been using your ideas ever since for my two little siblings and also to all the little kids at the pre-school I teach. We have been using Darul kitabs books throughout the year and we are currently on Good Manners and Alhamdulillah they really enjoy and benefit a lot too. Alhamdulillaah I really find all your stuff interesting. May Allaah Reward you immensely for all your hard work!

Jazaakallaah Khayr!

Umm Abdillaah As Seylani

Madiha said...

Assalam u alaikum

Nice to see that u have also involved ur sharing in giveaways.

I m a silent reader of ur blog , but today of course , I thought to comment .

InshAllah , I ll teach this Islamic preschool curriculum to my child. As far as I have searched , this is mashAllah a very good effort for preschoolers. It's designed beautifully , taken care of the major areas along with Islamic concepts.

Plusv, I wud like to take parents book as I don't have any book related to it for my child.

Umm maimoonah , may Allah give u loads n loads of blessings , same goes to umm noaman. Amen
N by the way , I think m ur neighbor , I live in Jeddah , u in Qatar ? Right?

Umm subhana

Umm-ul-Hasan said...

MashaAllah a wonderfull effort.
I think it would be good to look into placing Quraan reading at the beginning of the timetable because that would give blessings for all the other lessons.
I would prefer book 'Our Parents' for my students because I think sadly, there's so few books dedicated to that important subject.
Allah Yubarak Feekum

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum warahmathullaahi wabarakaathuh.

I have been browsing through your site for quite a long while and
Alhamdulillaah I myself have been benefitting a lot. I have been using
your ideas a lot for a bunch of kids I teach. We read from Darul Kitab
books almost every Friday and Mashaa Allaah Thabaarakallaah they
really understand so much. I also sent some books over seas for my
cousins little one. May Allaah reward you and them for all you'll do.

Baarakallaahu feekum!

Umm Abdillaah min Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu,

I love your curriculum! When I came across it, it gave me inspiration on how to work with my own children, even though they are a little older. This is my first year of homeschooling. Alhamdulliah I came across your website as well as the other sisters websites.

I would probably choose "My Little Book of Jannah" because my kids always ask about it and are fascinated about it.
Jazakallah wa khair for sharing. It has inspired me to maybe start my own blog in the future. Thank you for this opportunity to receive such wonderful books.

Your sister,
Umm Husayn

Anonymous said...

ASalaamu Alaikum

Dear sister in Islam.

MashAllah i am very impressed with your curriculum may we all take benefit from it. I really like your format and how you tie everything together and make the subject content really relevant to your daughter which is so v important. I don't really have any improvements just 1 tiny suggestion for your wk 12 lesson Allah sees all, along with all the sensory activities another thing you could do is make an appointment to visit the opticians. even is your child cannot read they still can carry out tests using pictures etc. It is v important to have your children's eye
health checked as they are still growing and any problems can be detected and sorted out eary InshAllah. If a child cannot see properly this can impede their learning.

Of the Darul kitab books the 1 I would choose would be 'our parents' so that i could learn from it too and apply it so i could become better to my parents.

JazakAllah khair may Allah reward you with good in this world and the next Ameen.

Umm A'isha & Eesa

Anonymous said...


dear sister

firstly i would like to say "great appreciation for your effort in educating your daughter". thanks for sharing your lovely journey, and i love to enjoy every moment you share......masha allah.

i love your islamic presschool curriculum,n would like to adapt it to my 2 years old son ....Insya Allah.
i would probably like ' Our creator' if i can win the give away. baarakallahu feek wa ahleek

Umm Fatih

Umm Muhammad said...

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

I think your curriculum is really good mashaAllah. In fact, when I saw it online some time ago, I adopted it as a part of my daughter's homeschool curriculum with some adaptations as she is at the kindergarten/1st grade level. She always enjoys seeing the mini-books and learning the material alhamdulillah.

Of the books, I think I would choose "Let's Learn to Protect Ourselves from Shaitan." I would develop some games and activities related to the content as well as teach the ayat and hadith related to protecting ourselves from the Shaitan.

JazakiAllah khair for your time and efforts sister.

Umm Muhammad

Aminah said...

Assalamu Alaikum

Dear sister in Islam

May Allah reward you for all your efforts. I would like to choose the book "shaythan is not our friend".because he is the who makes disobey Allah.


Anonymous said...

assalamu alaykum sister
i read many blogs about homeschooling since i want to homeschooling my daughter. its your blog which gave me hope first that i could do it inshaAllah. one of the reasons because it has prepared curriculum. i just like it. inshaAllah i am going to follow that. but i am not sure about the reading program . i came across another book called teach you child the read in 100 lessons. i may follow that as well inshaAllah.i am planning to add arts and crafts for once a week since my daughter is much more interested in that. also planning to read the mini tafseer book found here
its written for very young children with coloring books and other interested stuff.

about choosing a book, its seems so difficult. all of them sound so good. for now i would go for "remembering Allah at all the time"

finally may Allah reward you for all the good work here and in the next life, ameen.
rochster. usa

Nadeema said...

assalamu alaikum respected sister in Islam,may Allah grant you the health and determination to continue with your great effort in shaa Allah. I am a grade-R teacher at an Islamic institution for kids aged 3 - 6 yrs and for me a good curriculum is one where the child can physically experience or interact in order to recall the lesson. i believe in a quality lesson rather than quantity e.g. we spend 1 school term focusing on salaah which consists of the preparation for salaah including wudhu, times, postures, etc and complete a salaah activity box consisting of a fabric painted musallah, a little string of beads for making thikr, a mini kaaba for the qibla, board games for postures of salaah and wudu, little booklet concerning times of salaah etc. everything in the box the child is able to relate to the aspect of salaah as well as give you sound information about it. I think the more hands on crafts you have in your curriculum the more enjoyable and beneficial it can be in shaa Allah. I do stand under correction but it works for our institution alhamdulillah.

I would choose the little book on Jannah as my girls love fantasizing about jannah and I use it as an incentive to get them to perform salaah and read quraan with love.

May Allah accept everyones effort in teaching the kids about their beautiful deen - ameen.

umm Safiyya

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Dear Sister,
Allah Bless you and help you for keep your great effort that you are doing.

Mi name is Linah, my little one is 6 months old, and some months ago I am searching information that I could use now (I started to read to her when I was pregnant) and other for the future, Inshallah, for teach to her. I became Muslim 4 years ago, then I think the curriculum is no only for her, is for me too.

Well, about your curriculum, I like it so much, is very interesting and covered many views with Islamic perspective, I have some ideas that I want apply, Inshallah, when my daughter will be more big, Inshallah. May be could be interesting for you:
1. I like the SmartArk products, because is a very good material. I read (translate) to my baby the board books and she really enjoy, Mashallah. I recommend you all products.
2. I want teach to her, Inshallah, about Recycle. "The book Zaynab and Zakariya. Learn to Recycle" and in this book talk about "own compost" that could be a project for we will do, Inshallah.
3. Care the water, because is no forever. I want that she be conscious that the water is VERY IMPORTANT for us, no only for survive also we use for wudu every day many times.
4. I would like that she be in touch with other children, for she will understand that we must share and be good with own guests. May be, invite to children of family or children of my friends.
5. I would like that she practice a sport or do exercise, something like that.
6. Going outside and carry the lunch, lie down in the grass and appreciate the clouds and all miracles and wonders that Allah gave to us, Allahu Akbar.
7. I want teach to her maths and how she can apply every day, Inshallah.
8. I would like teach to her about Islamic history, Inshallah.

Ok, may be are many things and I could sound like a dreamer, but is things that I would like, Inshallah.

Now, about which book I would like, mmmm... all, of course, but I think "Doing Good Deeds", because is only that we can carry to hereafter, Inshallah.

My apologize, if I dont used the corrects words.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Assalaamu Alaikum Akhawaat

Jazzakumullaah Khayr for all your comments and participation.

Sis Umm Safiyyah (Nadeema) you are the winner of this Give Away. Please mail me your address and details at your earliest so that we can arrange your package to be delivered to you Insha Allaah. My email address

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