Friday 8 May 2020

Nurture Islaam Series - Islaamic Studies Activity Books - Ages 3 - 8

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Alhamdulillaah, we have been working hard on completing a set of exciting activity books for little kids for the past two or more years. 

Our intent was to educate Muslim children from an early age to live Islaam. This is why a huge amount of thought and effort was put into designing these books.  We are pleased to announce that all 22 books are now available to purchase and benefit. 

If you are using these books with a 3 - 5-year-olds then they work well as read-aloud books and activity books for that age group.  Because this set of books are based upon a complete curriculum for  PreK level (Ages 3 -5) it includes what a child would learn in preschool. So if you are using for this age group the books cover just more than Islaam studies. It covers many other subjects like Language, Maths, Social Studies, Arts and Crafts, Science, and moral and values, plus much more. 

These books are popularly used as Islaamic Studies Activity books for ages 5 to 8 years.  We have extension activity sheets for some of the books which supplement this age group (5 - 8) which can be purchased separately as and when they are available. You may view the extension workbooks for this age group here

The big difference is that Islaam is integrated into the secular subjects, The series starts with Who is Allaah and Where is Allaah then goes on to Who Created Me and the other titles.

All 22 Books are  “Digital Download” (PDFs). It is NOT a printed pack. Suitable for ages 3 - 8 years.

  • Who is Allaah?
  • Where is Allaah?
  • Who Created You?
  • Allaah Created People
  • Allaah Created Animals and Birds
  • Allaah Created Nature
  • Allaah wakes me up each day
  • Allaah gives me food to eat
  • Allaah gave us a special Book
  • Allaah gave me parents
  • Allaah gave me a sweet home
  • Allaah gave me a family
  • Allaah gave me a healthy Body
  • Allaah gave me 5 senses
  • Allaah gave me clothes
  • Allaah gave me Transport
  • Allaah created neighbourhoods
  • Allaah Created people to help us
  • Allaah created seasons
  • Allaah teaches me to read and write
  • Allaah protects me 
  • Allaah gave me days of celebrations

The format and details of these Activity Books are as follows.

Simplified Text about the topic explaining all aspects pertaining to the title. This is a great teacher's resource as all information is in one place, simplified to make the little ones understand. This can be also used for reading aloud. And older children 5 - 9 can read the text by themselves if they are emergent readers. The text includes poetry style writing, stories from the Quráan and the Sunnah, encyclopedic type information text, Quráan Aayahs and Hadeeth and sayings of the scholars. 


Review Questions - Each book contains review questions after the text, which can be used for a recap or for comprehension purposes depending on the age of the child.

Activities - Each book has different engaging activities based upon imparting many different skills for this age group. Activities have varieties where the teacher can choose according to the capability of the child. There are activities to cater to many different learning styles of the child too. Examples of activities, storytime, comprehension, critical thinking, poster and brochure making, arts and crafts, worksheets, community projects and more.. 

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Answers - Answers are provided for all the activities


Resources - We have also included the resources to cut and paste and for other activities. This will save time for you Inshaa Allaah.

Sources and References - As usual all that we do includes evidence, sources and references from the books of the scholars, students of ilm and also for secular content the many different sites, links and books. You will find all of it at the end of each book.

These books are checked and reviewed by Students of Knowledge, brothers Abu Sukhailah Khalil Ibn-Abelahyi and  Mustafa George. 

How to print and assemble the books?
  • All pages are A4 size printing settings. You need to print them as landscape. 
  • Then fold the pages and bind. 
  • You can view the video here as to how to assemble these books. We will be providing a written pdf with instructions to print and assemble the books Inshaa Allaah

Full 22 Books Pack  -  USD 250
Includes all 22 Books

To make it easier for you to purchase as per your interest and your budget and for you to gift them to others we are pleased to share with you some Bundle Offers Inshaa Allaah. Details below.

Knowing Allaah and His Creations Bundle  -  USD 50
Includes 7 Books

Blessings of Allaah Bundle  - USD 50
Includes 4 Books

Favours of Allaah Bundle  - USD 55
Includes 4 Books. 

Signs of Allaah Bundle  - USD 45
Includes 3 Books

Gifts of Allaah  Bundle  - USD 60
Includes 4 Books

Individual Price List
You may also buy the books individually with a minimum order of $20. Individual Prices are below. 

How to Purchase?

Place your orders here -

Alhamdulillaah these books serve as a great gift basket of knowledge to your loved ones as well. Benefit your family and friends with a gift that would earn you continuous rewards Inshaa Allaah/

We hope these books would benefit all of you Inshaa Allaah. Please share the poster or this blog post with your contacts and spread the word. 

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For any further queries, you may contact me at or WhatsApp +974 66132058

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