Thursday, 7 July 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum Outline - 2011/2012

Assalaamu Alaikum Ya Akhawaat,
This is the Kindergarten Curriculum Outline that I could come up with for Maimoonah to be used for next school year Insha Allaah. This is the outline only and Insha Allaah I hope to incorporate all of this a make a week by week schedule soon. Later as usual I hope to draw up lesson plans for each week as I used to do with "Islaam is my Life Preschool Curriculum", Insha Allaah. So this is the Curriculum outline. I have given the links for resources that I hope to use for this curriculum Insha Allaah. I will discuss later in detail about these resources as we go on Insha Allah! Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and criticism as all of this will only help me to enhance this Insha Allaah. As usual Insha Allaah all this will be available to download for free when everything is done Insha Allaah for those of you who want to use with your kids. By the way I adopted this standard to make this Curriculum bi idhnillaah!
Kindergarten Curriculum
· Tauheed
ü Tauheed Ar Ruboobiyyah
ü Tauheed Al Uloohiyah
ü Tauheed Al Asmaa was Sifat
· Aqeedah
ü Allaah’s will – Qadr
ü Day of Judgment
ü The Angels
ü The Messengers
ü The Books
ü Eeemaan
ü Ihsaan
ü 5 Pillars of Islaam
· Seerah
ü Early Childhood of Prophet Muhammad sallaahu alaihiwasallam
ü Family of the Prophet Muhammad sallaahu alaihiwasallam
ü Advent of Prophet hood
ü Miracles of the Prophet sallaahu alaihiwasallam
ü Life in Makkah and Madeenah
· Fiqh
ü Wudoo
ü Salaah
ü Eating and Drinking
ü Cleanliness – Etiquettes of using the Bathroom / Entering and Leaving the Bathroom
ü Sleeping and Waking
· History, Hadeeth and Biography
ü Sahaabah
ü Taabi’een/ At baauth Taabi’een
ü Scholars
ü Students of ilm
· Adiyya – Supplications

English Language
· Phonics - Jolly Phonic (There was a link to download the handbook but cannot locate it right now)
ü Beginning Sounds
ü Phoneme Blending
ü Final Sounds
ü High Frequency Words
· Recite Alphabets
· Identify Upper and Lower Case
· Print Name
· Identify a Book
ü Front Cover
ü Back Cover
ü Author
ü Contents
ü Index
ü Glossary
ü Publisher
ü Translator
· Writing
ü Vowels
ü Singular/Plural
ü Parents/Young
ü Preposition
ü Opposites
ü Gender
ü Adjectives
ü Actions/Verbs
ü Collective Nouns
ü Homonyms
ü Syllabication/ Compound Words
ü Rhyming Words

· Spelling
· Comprehension
· All about Me
ü People
ü My Body
ü My Family
ü Senses
ü Colours
ü Shapes
ü Hot/Cold
ü Long/Short
ü Smooth/Rough
ü Light/Heavy
ü Wet/Dry
· Living Things/Non Living Things
· Air/Wind
· Light/Shadow
· Weather
ü Cloud
ü Rain
ü Water cycle
ü Rainbow
· Food
ü Food Groups
ü Food Nutrients
ü Food Pyramid
ü Fruits and Vegetables
· Animals
ü Farm Animals/Wild Animals
ü Animal Habitat
ü Birds
ü Insects
ü How do Animals move
ü Animal Babies
· Our World
ü Continents
ü Countries
ü Oceans
· Clothes
ü Mirror
· Transport
ü Fuel
ü Wheels
ü Fast/Slow
· Reuse/Recycle
· Pollution
· Meaning of Holidays
· Neighbourhood
ü Location of Neighbourhood
ü Safety Rules/ Symbols
ü Diagram of home/school
ü Community Helpers
· In the Sea
ü Living Things
ü Fish
ü Sea Creatures and their Food
· Push and Pull
· Float and Sink
· Materials
· Magnet
· Plants
ü Parts of the Plant
ü Life Cycle of a Plant
ü What do Plants Need
ü Where do Plants Grow
ü Seeds
ü Uses of Plants
· Mechanic/Electronics/Heat
· Outer Space
ü Sun
ü Moon
ü Star
ü Earth/Planets
· MEP Maths – Reception Year and Part of Year 1 -
· Reading – Iqra Books
· Introducing different forms of each letter with sound
· Writing – Joining letters
· Madeenah Book – 1


JenMun(a) said...

salamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,
allahibarik, may Allah bless you!...everything seems perfect! wish I can be together with your daughter at your kindergarten;)*smile
I will accompany you and take your crriculum as an example for ours inschaAllah. Thanks so much for sharing your work and efforts!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaahi wa barakaathuhu sis JenMun(a). You are more than welcome to come and join us and teach us dear Ukhtee : ) We would love to learn from you!! You are welcome! Sharing has always been a passion for me for the sake of Allaah!

By the way sis I really love your blog. I used to think all contents were German until now. I just discovered you do write in between English. Subhanallaah very nice to read and see your pics. Insha Allaah will follow you from now on!!

Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Mashaa'Allaah! Very nice! Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum
How did the Starfall help with the outline? I have yet to open my attachment to see....hope so today :)

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Suhailah,

Wa feeki barakallaah! I read the whole of starfall Kindergarten Curriculum and it did help masha Allaah. Also for phonics and reading starfall is also going to be a resource for us Insha Allaah. I have not adopted their curriculum as a whole since they give lot of importance for phonics. Since Maimoonah already knows to read Allaahu Baarik Laha I just want to give her the concept of phonics mainly for spelling and writing, so I prefer to use Jolly Phonics. Starfall is going to be very useful for me in my next step which is scheduling all these weekly as they have given week by week lesson plans. Even though for me their schedule is a bit stressful, I surely can get ideas. Insha Allaah will do a review on it soon as per your request.

Umm Suhailah said...


Awesome! I'm looking forward to the review :)
Are you up? Isn't it late lol. I wasn't expecting you to reply so fast :)
Can you open the TJ Ramadhan planner? If so can you send me it in e-mail- I cannot open it....I don't know if its just me or what. I tried to open it on several web doesn't work for me. But I saw that Umm Adam used it....*looks confused*

Umm Maimoonah said...

Umm Suhailah, yes I was up a bit late, catching up on things to do: But it was too late when I saw this comment. I replied to your initial one and went to sleep!! I think the TJ document is having some problems. Any way I mailed you the attachment as I had downloaded the document last year masha Allaah!

Umm Suhailah said...


I got your mail haven't open the attachment will do today Inshaa'Allaah. I e-mailed you back :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Umm Maimoonah.
Masha-Allah an entire kindergarten lesson plan. Would love to participate Insha-Allah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam muslimlearninggarden!

Would love to have you around too. Insha Allaah we can benefit each other!!!

Anonymous said...

As salaam alaikum,

Maashaa Allah, I really like the way you work together with the other sister bloggers. This is what our ummah needs more of- unity and cooperation. May Allah reward you.

Umm Adam said...

Assalaamu alaikum uhktee,

Maasha Allah! This has everything masha Allah. Really looking forward to see how it ends when put you put it together week to week insha Allah! Jazak Allah khair!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah!

Umm Tafari, wa iyyaaki and thanks for lovely comments and encouragement!

Umm Adam, just doing the weekly planning Insha Allaah as soon as it is over will make it available for downloading. Wa iyyaaki. Hope you are having a nice vacation Insha Allaah!

UmmSara said...

MashaAllah, you are going to make our planning/organizing much more easier now :) Alhamdulillah.

We still have 10 more weeks to go with our preschool curriculum, then probably starting from winter biiznillah will try to start Kindergarten curriculum inshaAllah.
Since both preschool and kindergarten curriculum are very much similar and we are are planning inshaAllah doing more reviewing. It is like doing easy level preschool activities in middle levels :) For example we have been learning different forms of letters but they are not 100 percent familiar to the kids, so what are going to do is, doing different activities to help kids to familiarize themselves with this forms inshaAllah.

Jazakhillahu khayr for sharing sis!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Umm Sara. Am Glad this will benefit you Insha Allaah!

Yes, sis that is my plan too. Since the kids a year older now and their understanding will increase the pre school topics could be handled a bit in detail Insha Allaah. As you said both levels are more or less same but the depth I guess is deeper in Kindergarten. I am in the process of scheduling the topics weekly and I find I have lot of time to do more activities in a year too.

Also I thought now that she knows the basic things you can spend more time on learning more like you have mentioned about different forms of letters. And I am so happy that I did the pre school curriculum with her last year as this has made things easy. I presume its the same for you too Insha Allaah.

Awaiting your kindergarten plans Insha Allaah!

umm K said...

Asalaamu alaikum Ukhti!

I missed this post! MAshAllah looks like a busy year inshallah! I thought would ask you this on your blog rather than on mine so others who read your blog may benefit inshallah .....what books and resources do you use to teach your islamic studies with Maimoonah?

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm K

I have no books for this particular curriculum, but I found some materials for the first part of Tawheed at A Muslim Child is Born and I will have to use some books and stuff from the internet as we go on Insha Allaah. If I cannot find any then I might have to do some worksheet and activities, since there is a guide its helpful Insha Allaah!

I liked this Islaamic Studies Curriculum for Kindergarten because since Maimoonah is only 4 years now I can spend sometime instilling the basics Aqeedah which is very important.

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