Saturday, 7 April 2012


As part of the Curriculum we learnt all about Safety. First we spoke about what Allaah and the Messenger have taught us with regard to safety and discussed then later wrote some points down on the book. Some points we discussed were

  • Asking Allaah to protect us all the time and especially at the time of need
  • Morning and Evening Adkhar
  • Keep children indoors at Magrib
  • When there is plague not to enter that place
  • Close the food utensils
  • Obey the ruler
  • Obey the law of the land
Then we studied some of the common road signs and other safety signs. We pasted on the book for future reference.


Then we read this book that we got from Pelangi Books. This book talks about all safety rules and gives suggestive on how children can protect themselves in different situations. Its written in a form that an inspector visits the school and relates certain dangerous situations and asks the students to give suggestions what they should do in such a situation. Its a nice book except for the fact that the inspector dresses like a Santa and gives kids sweets. So I had to explain Maimoonah about the Islaamic stand on this. she never knew this before and it was a good opportunity to tell her that we do not believe in such a thing and you really need to have to dress like that to give sweets : ).


After reading and discussing. I explained to Maimoonah what she should do in case she gets lost while we are at the mall or park or anywhere else. She said first I must ask Allaah to protect me and give me Abi and Ummi, then go to a security or a Policeman and say this is my Abi's or Ummi's number please call, I am lost. Then I asked her what if she could not find any security guard or police. She was saying will tell someone in the park. So since she read the book I further explained never to be in a lonely place but to go to a family and tell what she would tell the Policeman. This was a good discussion as she has any way seen a child lost some time back in the park and we managed to help the child find her parents, Alahmdulillaah, so Maimoonah was involved in that process and she recollected the incident.

Then we also learnt about the Emergency Number to call and showed her how to dial numbers on the phone (of course we did not dial the emergency number : ) She memorised the land number and our mobile numbers and learnt how to dial and take a call on the phone. Explained to her the difference between the land phone and the Mobile phone. And which number she should call when.


 Then we spoke about Fire Safety. Showed her the Fire Blanket and the Fire Extinguisher at home and why they are kept. She already knows about the Fire Alarm as it went by mistake sometime back.

Also discussed what she should do in case there is fire in the house Allaah forbid. She learnt how to open the front door and we discussed how best it would be to jump out of the window as emergency exit. Also she rolled on the bed to practice how one should roll in case the body or clothes catches fire (May Allaah protect us) We did the following comprehension worksheets.


Then we discussed about, water safety, Keeping little children safe, Abduction prevention. We used these worksheets and it was such a shock for Maimoonah why people would abduct kids!!! She was not sure what they would do to children : ) Reminded me how innocent she is and how fast she is going to see the true world in front of her eyes, May Allaah protect our kids. Aameen!


All these worksheets could be download here


mib said...

MASHAALLAH, very nice.

Umm Adam An-Norwigiyah said...

Assalaamu alaiki uhktee fillah,

Masha Allah! This was very good! May Allah reward you for sharing all the things you do, your posts will indeed be very helpful to many parents and children bidnillah! Barak Allahu fiky! <3

Umm Maimoonah said...

Jazzakillaah Khayr mib.

Alaikum salaam Umm Adam
Wa feeki Barakallaah! How are your kids? Not heard from you for sometimes. Hope and pray everything is well!

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