Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Work Basket!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We have started our homeschooling while waiting for some resources still. Inshaa Allaah all resources should be with us in a few days. 

So what is our set up this year!?

Since space is very limited this time, we have adjusted our classroom and work boxes accordingly.

Last year we started the workboxes system and it made things easy Alhamdulillaah. We used mesh file folders as workboxes last year. But to adjust according to space and resources available we are using a "Work Basket". The day's work to be done are arranged in this Basket with Subject labels inside each book or resource.

 When she finishes the work the "Done" card is updated. And when the work is over Basket is empty.

 Then I refill the basket with the next day's work and keep everything ready. It is working well as same as before, but "Work Basket" does give a cosy feeling I guess and she is happy about it.

And this is her working area.

And these are some of the HomeSchool Supplies we got for this year.

Getting back to routine after a break as usual is not all that rosy. She tends to be more playful these days but finds the work challenging and is determined to get things right even though she is getting immuned to distractions. Strangely though, I thought as they grow up attention span increases and distractions decreases, but I feel the opposite sometimes. When she was younger she had less distractions!!! Each child is unique I guess and needs to be handled accordingly. But with all this the introduction of Scrapbooks is received well by Maimoonah as she is getting very much involved in them to the extent she wants to do only "Islaamic Studies" the whole day!

Will update about that later Inshaa Allaah. Hope you all have started the new homeschool year and enjoying too by the Mercy of Allaah!


Homeschool Diary said...

Asalamualaukum. I really would love to read about your Islamic studies scrap book. Lovley workspace mashallah. I feel the same about my son...before it was so easy getting him to concentrate but now he drags on an activity for a very long time and gets distracted very easily. I used to read about when kids are started in acedemics to early it backfires and the kids get resistent...i always wonder if this is happening? but they always spend most of the day playing anyway as I've been so busy the last several months. I think more likely they are developing more if a personality and just want to assert their choice? I don't know. May Allah make our children motivated learners!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam, Just posted about the First Scrapbook sis. Hope you get some idea out of it. Will post about the others as we start them Inshaa Allaah.
Allaah knows best if starting early does affect. But I do not regret starting early as I know she has completed many things before and we still can relax a bit with her being playful lol! But I realize that since there are many many more things in their minds now they want to do many of those things too, whereas when they were small they are not exposed to the things as of now. So their minds are always active and want to do many things and concentrating on one thing for a longer time is not that practical for them. This could be one reason Allaah knows best.
Also it has been extremely hot these days and we have not been able to go outdoors and this also could be one reason. Children need outdoors to play. And have you noticed that if they really want to do something they would wait for hours to sit and do that very thing!!! We need to get this message and do what interests them too!!! Kids are a test and only with the Mercy of Allaah we can get through this, May Allaah help us all.!

Eva said...

Assalamu Alaikum Umm Maimoonah, MashaAllah I like this set up. I am still trying to get organized for the new year and trying to do things in a more space saving way too :)

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Eva
Nice to see you back here. I know with a newborn to get things done as fast as you want to is not that easy. But with all your's and your daughter's creativity I am sure you will do well Inshaa Allaah! May Allaah give you success in all what you do and bless you with an exciting year ahead! Aameen!

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