Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tarbiyah Girls Club - Class 5

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I have delayed posting this. At the 5th Class of the Tarbiyah Girls Club, two weeks ago the girls had some great fun.

We started off with Great Women of Islaam and learnt about Khadeejah radhiyallaahu anha. We used the Great Women of Islaam from Darus Salaam and learnt the summary of her life. We especially stressed the importance of knowing the great women of Islaam and their lives to make them our role models to get closer to Allaah and enter Jannah. Who is better to start with than, Khadeejah radhiyallaahu anha?

 At the end of the lesson they were given a Fact Sheet to fill in all the information about Khadeejah and they were asked to write in their own words, how is she a role a model for them.

As for Waajibaat we learnt about How to Know Your Lord? We covered Knowing Your Lord through His Signs and explained to them the two different signs and made them understand with examples.

And for Tahaarah we learnt the next hadeeth in Umdatul Ahkaam about the Impurity of the Dog and how to clean it. This turned out to be a great discussion since it brings out scientific proofs and the girls were interested to know more on this. So they understood what is it that is impure in the dog and how to clean that impurity, they were also taught the different opinions of the scholars with regard to this issue.

Then the girls had a nice time making an easy pizza. Here is the recipe. 

We made separate stations for chopping the vegetables, cutting the bread, spreading butter, mixing the toppings and spreading the toppings and invited each girl to do each thing at each station. This way we could control the girls and they get to learn and do every part of the recipe. It was a great success. Alhamdulillaah.


Ready for baking!
The baked pizzas looked like this. 

We wrapped them and gave everyone to take them home.

Since we had more time, the girls did a small indoor game - Obstacle Course until the pizza was ready to eat and till we could clean up the kitchen. They really enjoyed this.

Then we still had time Alhamdulillaah so we had a small Quiz Session. We divided the girls into two sides and had a contest. 

So that ended that week's session Alhamdulillaah. 

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A Muslim HomeSchool said...

Asalaamu alaikum ukhtee,

Sounds like a both fun yet beneficial time with the girls Alhamdulillah!

JazakAllahu khayr for sharing all these ideas with us!

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