Monday, 18 January 2016

Visit to the Singing Sand Dunes - Qatar

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

Some time back Abi took me to the Singing Sand Dunes at Masaa'eed, a city south of Qatar. It was so nice if you walk up a dune and you will not have the trouble of walk down as you could simply back by slide down....

Singing sand dunes sing because when the sand grains go down they make a certain noise that echoes for miles. if you like you can go far away and retrace your foot prints. 

You may see birds like Little Owl, Eagle Owl, Shrike, Lark, Wheateaters and many more. Sliding or walking hard makes the dunes roar! The sand dunes is a good place for flying kites too.

There is a Soorah called Soorah Ahqaaf. Have you read the Story of Prophet Hud alaihissalaam in the Book Stories of the Prophets?

I love that book and love the stories. The author Ibn Katheer raheemahullaah says that Ahqaaf means sand dunes sand hills and the Aad the people of Hud alaihissalaam lived in the sand dunes in Yemen. Ummi has done an activity pack for me and all of you on Hud Alaihissalaam and there will be some nice activoties for us to learn about Sand dunes too. Inshaa Allaah we will get to do them soon. Look out for it. 

I really enjoyed my visit to the singing sand dunes and want to go back again too Inshaa Allaah. And I love this picture Abi took at the singing sand dunes before we left!

Have you been to the sand dunes? If you have a sand dune close to the place you live make a visit to the sand dunes and enjoy!


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Amina Guleid said...

Asalamu aleykum,
Mashallah that seems like fun! You must had enjoyed being there! Mashallah your doing such a good job on the website by your self and being only 8 allahuma barik..

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