Sunday, 13 March 2016

My Latest Poems!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم

I love writing poems. The following poems are my latest and all of them are done by me without any help. Enjoy!


Cat fish long and floppy,
Goldfish small and happy,
cod fish in the wild,
Tuna fish in the wild,

Huge sea bass,
fighting with a Goliath Groper,
Who will win,
of course the Groper,

Sword fish playing hide and seek,
with a baby shark
Pollocks eating,
And OH, hark

a big baby Whale! 

Oh help,

the whale is eating some fish,
like sun fish, and rainbow trout,

the fish that i wanted to see was gone,
and that was a MAHI MAHI. 
So I'll go home now!


Laughing dove in the morning,
Laughing dove eating in the road
Laughing dove tricking cars,
Bicycles with heavy load.

Bubbling soft bubbly cooing,
Doo,Boo, Do,Booh.
In hidden corners,
Still cooing.

Glorifying its Lord,
Giving us reward, 
Eating from our garden, 
Without a burden. 

Flying at the last minute,
flapping at the lovely country,
In peace to lie,
Right down at the farm!


Coloured poppy in the field,
Creeper on the farm,
Jack in the Pulpit at the wood,

And in the meadow calm,

Is the lovely violet blossom,
And the very useful plants,
The beautiful tulip,
Which gives comfort,

And the black moss,
that is often used for a cushion,

Never are flowers at loss,
Cat faced pansies say good bye!

Meadow Mouse

Sweet little Master Meadow Mouse in play,
At spring time when the Farmer starts the corn growing,
Master Meadow Mouse will soon be at the corn field,
And won't the Farmer be angry to start again the field sowing!


Toothy little house mouse,
Nimble dormouse,
Squeaky Field Mouse,
Cousin to the Meadow Mouse,

Water rats,
Trying to eat mice,
Gobbling up like dice,
At last the Farmer,

Kills the Rats
The mice think he is a nice harmer,
And they are HAPPY!
For the Farmer,

Doesn't harm them,
The Mice are Omnivores
because they eat plants and meat,
And even oars.


Baby deer,
Sweet fawn,
playing with it's mother,
in the dawn.

Munching leaves,
Timidly looking,
At last,
Running nimbly.   

السلام عليكم



ummibrahim05 said...

Beautiful writing maimoonah! Masha Allah

Umm_Mahirah said...

As salaamu Alaiki I have a 4 th grade muslimah she would love to have a penpal ... Her name is Mahirah... Is there somewhere to go to get her one?

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Mahirah,

There is none as I know of. But there are few sisters I know from their blogs and Maimoonah has been keeping in touch with them via email. I am sure your can find the like minded families and make your own little club Inshaa Allaah. We may work on expanding a penpal club for the little Muslimahs around the world after sometime. Will keep you updated Inshaa Allaah!
Baarakallaah Feekum
Umm Maimoonah

Umm Maimoonah said...

Sister Umm Ibrahim, Jazzaakillaah Khayr!

Umm Khadeejah said...

As salamu alayekumSister u doing a good job for childern  jazakAllhokhair may Allah blessed u .Sister i have 2 daughters and i want homeschooling for my girls. actually we r coming qatar recently i m trying many schools to my girls for studing but all of them are closed for admission. So me and my husband decided homeschooling for our girls. I search then i see ur courses for diffrent group of ages. Its a wonderful MASHA ALLAH. everything included  from science to arabic all.And i m so happy when my girls are studing in ur school IN SHA ALLAH.Plz suggest me what good for my daughters and so u know any other school that included hifz  and academic studing both.JazakAllhokhair
As salamu Alayekum Your sisterMaria.

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