Sunday, 26 December 2010

Together We Read – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Alhamdulillaah since we started on our Islaam is My Life Pre school Curriculum week 7, to go along with the topic we read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and did many activities masha Allaah.

This is one book Maimoonah and I have always loved and a favourite read aloud book for sometime. But Masha Allaah now that she is beginning to read independently I am enjoying it more, (still I feel she enjoys very much more when I read it to her.)

So after reading the book we learnt the Days of the week in order in English and Arabic. I read the book many times to Maimoonah in fact in between each activity we did so that she would know to think and relate. I kept on asking her questions like when did the caterpillar eat a cup cake? When did he get a stomachache and so on.., and taught her how she should answer. This I wanted it to be a stepping stone for comprehension exercises in the years to come Insha Allaah.

She traced these sheets on “Days of the week” that we got from the first school website and coloured the pictures too.

Then we had made these small booklets ,“The ABC’s “, “Colours”, and Counting butterflies”. She enjoyed reading these independently.

We learnt how to read numbers from ONE – SEVEN and after she learnt to read I gave her this small worksheet. Asked her to read and match the correct numbers and she did well Masha Allaah.

Then we made this caterpillar with numbers. Asked her to sequence the numbers correctly and paste.

She also made this butterfly puzzle which we got from the net (I am very sorry sisters I cannot give you the right links as I have very limited internet connection, but am sure if you google you will find many such activities Insha Allaah.) She coloured, assembled then pasted and was proud of her independent work.

Then we cut out caterpillar words and learnt to read them and stuck on to our board for it to look some what like a caterpillar…

Then we studied about the “Life Cycle of the Butterfly”. Learnt some facts about the butterfly from her encyclopedia.

And on her environmental studies book we wrote, drew coloured and pasted the life cycle of the butterfly. Reminded her that Allaah is Al Khaaliq, Al Khallaaq, Al Mussawwir. And How perfectly Allaah created the butterfly in a perfect cycle. Subhanallaah.

Finally I made her paint butterflies. Masha Allaah during our break her Abi taught her how to use water colours and paint. She loved it and wants to do painting everyday. Insha Allaah I will post her paintings when I update the posts.

I gave her a stencil that has tiny butterfly shapes and asked her to paint any colour she likes. Abi joined her a bit too for little bit of painting classes. Here is how it looked …..

She enjoyed this as usual.

We are so glad to participate this time in “Together We Read” after a long break and hope to do so more frequently in the future Insha Allaah!


Umm Tafari said...

As salaam alaikum,

So good to see you blogging again, alhamdulillah.

We love the Very Hungry Caterpillar over here too. Actually, we've gone through several copies of it.

Eva said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

Nice to see a new post, looks like a lot of fun learning about caterpillars and butterflies :) we've done a couple of activities based on this book as well. Love the watercolour painting!

UmmSara said...

assalamu alaikum,

MashaAllah very nice activities.

Nice to hear from you again and hope to see you blogging more inshaAllah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah dear sisters,

Jazzakumullaah Khayr for all the beautiful comments. really really missing all of you. Insha Allaah will be back as usual when we sort out the internet issues bi idhnillaah. Please do keep us in your duas.

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