Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thank You!

Last week one of our dearest neighbours took us out for dinner. Masha Allaah the place was really nice and the food was so tasty too. And above all it was a great change for Maimoonah especially because she could go out and be with 2 kids a boy almost her age and a little one year old girl masha Allaah!

May Allaah bless this brother and her wife as they have been so helpful to us masha Allaah.

So Maimoonah enjoyed the dinner and the next day morning we decided to make a “Thank You” card for this nice gesture.

So we took a construction paper and Maimoonah drew these flowers, hearts, butterflies and all the shapes using the stencils and coloured them too.

Then she wrote her name all by herself and traced the “To, Uncle and Aunty”. We decorated the card with gel pens!

This is how the card looked.

Then we went to their building and left the card on their door!

Maimoonah liked the idea and she was happy too!

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