Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Summary - Week 10 - What is the Qur'aan?

What is the Qur'aan?

Masha Allaah for this topic we used this from Talibiddeenjr. This made things very much easier for me masha Allaah.

I explained to her the "Books of Allaah" sent to the Messengers. We spoke about Tauraat, Zaboor and Injeel. We also spoke about the Ahlul Kitaab. She remembered that they were Jews and the Christains as we studied a bit about them when we did "Allaa created People". Then I told her that they changed their books and finally Allaah sent down the Qur'aan as the final Book to all the people. And also explained to her that Allaah will take care of it and will not allow people to change it. Maimoonah has a habit of just reciting from here and there and her own things saying that she is memorizing a new soorah which she does not know. I have been telling her many times not to do so but to recite only what she knows. Learning about the Qur'aan helped me make a point to her and Alhamdulillaah reciting unknown stuff had stopped for awhile now. smile!

Then I told her the story of the revelation. We spoke about Muhammed visiting the cave and Angel Jibreel saying Iqra' and how the messenger could not read or write. She was shocked how come Muhammad our messenger did not know to read or write. We spoke about the Messenger running to Khadeejah radiyallaahu anha and asking her to cover him. And how well she comforted him and etc etc. Masha Allaah we have been talking about this for the whole week and now she knows this part of the story well.

She wants to go and see Cave Hirah when we go for Umrah she says Insha Allaah. She did not know what a cave is and we saw a power point presentation on caves with pictures and she got an idea how a cave would look.

I gave her a mushaf to her hand. Showed and explained to her the pages, soorahs, Juzz and places of sajdah. I showed her all the soorahs she has memorized. You can see her inspecting.

We went to the Masjid and there were many different Mushaf there and I asked her to go through them while I was praying.

Then we printed out a small Qur'aan Quiz and put it on our board and masha Allaah she knows all those answers for the quiz now. If you enlarge this picture you can see the questions Insha Allaah!

We spoke about handling the Mushaf and also how much care the Sahabah took in memorizing the aayaahas and later compiling into a mushaf. Learning the names of the Ummhaatul Mu'mineen and the Asharathul Mubashsharah came in handy here as I could just mention to her that during the rule of Aboo Bakr radhiyallaahu anhu the Qur'aan was complied as a book. She asked me during Aboo Bakr As Siddeeq? and she had a smile on her face which tells me "Ummi I know him". Masha Allaah!

We did this activity on the book. She coloured this, identified the letters in Arabic and English. Counted the letters and traced them too.

Then we read this wonderful book from Daarul Kitab..

We learnt about the Greatest Aayah of the Qur'aan Aayathul Kursi and the story of Abu Hurairah and Shitaan stealing and teaching him Aayathul Kursi. This was a fascinating story for her masha Allaah. And she understood better why she recites it before going to sleep every day.

We read the Tafseer of Soorah Feel and did Elephant related activities which can be viewed here Insha Allaah.

Qur'aan Memorization
To go along with the topic she is memorizing "Soorah Al Alaq". She has finished half of it Insha Allaah will continue to learn the rest of it next week.

Continuing with the Basic Principles we discussed a bit more on the meaning of "Laa ilaaha illallaah". We read Usooluth Thalaathah too.

Asmaaul Husnah
We learnt two more Names " Adh Dhaahir and Al Baatin.

Reading, Writing, Language

She traced this

Abi got a her a tracing Mat, and we practice letters very often on this now...

We have been reading the Darul Kitab book on Manners of Reciting the Qur'aan and she has been reading some power point presentations that I have downloaded in par with Glenn Doman's methods. Masha Allaah her reading has improved a lot but very much more to go...

Maimoonah now has mouse control and is enjoying language online activities. She has been visiting starfall and fisher so far. I am in the process of choosing online activities which does not have any unislamic elements Insha Allaah.

Montessori Activities

Her Abi got this 150 wooden shape pieces from Toys R Us here and masha Allaah very good quality and many things to do. This time asked her to spend some time and sort them according to shapes and put then inside.

Continueing with MEP we learnt how to count up tp 6 using fingers and did these chapters.

We are using this wipe and clean book which I got from a local printing place for a very cheap price to practice Arabic Letters.

We learnt few other Arabic words and meaning from the Madeenah books vocabulary.

That's the summary Insha Allaah!


UmmSara said...

MashaAllah, Wonderful!
She is learning a lot mashaAllah.
How do you repeat the surahs she had already memorized? do you repeat them everyday or every other day? And how does she learn the new surah? by listening to audio or reciting with you? or combination : )

UmmSara said...

By the way does Maimoonah have any difficulty pronouncing any particular letter while reciting?

My kids cannot say Ro (or R in english) properly yet. Ibrahim also does not say shin clearly : )

Umm Maimoonah said...

Masha Allaah, with regard to revising the soorahs, she does it on her own. While playing or doing her work she recites at least once in a day the whole set of soorahs she has memorized. Sometimes she recites all the soorahs before going to sleep and after sometime you cannot hear anything, she has fallen asleep lol!

At times I just tell her to recite a soorah which I feel she might have forgotten here and there, then she recites that to me. So far I have no schedule on revising, but I guess when she memorizes more soorahs I will have to have schedule for revision Allaah knows best!

She learns a soorah by listening to me. I recite the soorah three times in the morning, afternoon, and night and whenevr we are going for a walk. I do not ask her to repeat anything. She only listens. I do this for about three days depending upon the length of the soorah. Fourth day she will recite on her own. This is the way she memorises so far. Then she listens to the audio very often and corrects her pronunciations.

Yes, she has few words that she cannot pronounce properly, but when she listens to the audio few times she corrects them on her own. The "raw" is very common with toddlers that will be ok sis, Maimoonah too had that issue sometime back but she pronounces it very well now masha Allaah. One more thing with Maimoonah if someone keeps correcting her she stops everything because I think she gets demotivated. So I just go on and gently correct her later and she does well after that.

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