Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Summary - Week 9 - Remembering Allaah through our day!

Remembering Allaah through our day!
Alhamdulillaah we learnt a lot during this week with regard to the topic.
We started with this Darul Kitab book on “Dhikr, Remembrance of Allaah”.
I did not have to gather any information as all I need to tell and explain to Maimoonah was well compiled in this book, May Allaah reward the publishers. We read this book few times and I explained to her the meaning of Dhikr and how it could be done throughout our day. Then after that I asked her to tell me what she knew on how she remembers Allaah from the time she wakes up till she goes to sleep. While she was saying this I wrote them down on our whiteboard and we went through it every now and then we were passed the white board area.
This way masha Allaah she could keep the list in her mind.
Then she read and did all the activities on the mini work book.
She likes all the pictures on them and was very proud that she knew all the duas mentioned on the book, masha Allaah. She wanted to use her water colours and paint some of the pictures and she did it masha Allaah.
We also read these great Darul Kitab books on “Remember Allaah at all Times”, "Best times to ask Dua and "Some Important things to ask".
Most of the duas that are mentioned in the book are familiar to her and it was a great revision to her too. This time I read through the meaning of the Adiyaah and we read these books through out the week.
I also made her the lovely little dua book from The Muslim Child is Born, "Maimoonah’s little book of Adiya”.
Masha Allaah this is a good one as she realized when to use which phrase and now practices in her daily life. I hear frequent “Alhamdulillaah, Subhanallaah etc etc” every now and then, including Allaahu Must’aan! Smile!
Then we learnt about the five pillars and I explained to her the Hadeeth of Jibreel . She coloured this.
Then we spoke about Wudoo and it’s importance in making salaah. Showed her the steps to make wudoo and while she was having a wash I made her do wudoo too. This was the exciting part for her. Then we made these wudoo sequencing cards and she did the needful. We also watched the power point on "Before I Pray" from http://talibiddeenjr.blogspot.com/
We learnt about salaah and you can find all details of it here Insha Allaah.
Now she could do this activity confidently on the mini worbook masha Allaah. She wrote the numbers herself.
We spoke about dua and read the wonderful book again from Darul Kitab “ Some Important things we should ask for in our duas”. This made her understand what she should ask and reading the book many times helped her to keep things in mind . We also read the other book from the same publishers “Some of the best times to ask dua”.
Now she understood why she sees Abi making dua at the last hour oof asr on Fridays. So last Friday she too sat next to Abi and made dua.
What did she ask… well, here is what she asked..
“Oh Allaah keep me in the straight path
Oh Allaah give me beneficial Knowledge,
Oh Allaah give success to Abi
Oh Allaah give me Jannaah and protect me from the fire
Oh Allaah, give a bicycle and bubble and a microwave and a small kettle and a computer and small strainer”. Aameen.”
When she asked the last part I could see her folding each finger as she mentioned each Item with one hand and the other hand she was raising up. Smile. (She has been asking these things to play from her Abi and he has promised her that he will get them soon Insha Allaah)
We are continuing the Basic Principles and now we are on the 7th point and learning the meaning of “Laa ilaaha illallaah”.
Qur’aan memorizing
She has memorized soorah Al Kaafiroon this week. I had kept this soorah to be memorized later as I thought she would get confused also since it talks about disbelievers I need to be careful with her as we have relatives and kids she plays with. She is very sensitive and thinks very deep when I say that if they die in that state they will enter the fire. Any way this time she wanted to memorize the soorah so I did not refuse. We went through the meaning and she had many questions but masha Allaah I could answer her and she was less upset this time.
Asmaaul Husna
We pasted and learnt the Names and Atributes “Al Ahad, Al Waahid, Al Awwal, Al Aakhir”.

Language, Reading and writing
Masha Allaah she can now read the book “Kate’s Cake” which she was trying from last week. She also learnt to read this book to go with the topic “My Blue Pray Rug”. Wonderful early reading book.
We also played this game of opening up a piece of paper and reading. She loves this masha Allaah. Great way to practice reading some words.

She traced this ….
We continued with MEP Maths. She is learning addition and subtractions with MEP. She is slowly catching the concept but needs more practice masha Allaah. We did counting too..
We did a bit more on “Iqra”. She is familiar with “Fatha” now and could read the alphabets. She had heard “Kasra” from some where and asking me to teach her that now. But the book first deals with Fatha and long sounds and then very much later gets on to kasra. So she got to wait. Any way I am happy she is learning something.
Also we learnt some new vocabulary from Madeenah Arabic book.
We are down with flu and Insha Allaah will be resuming our activities soon.


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,

La bas...tahoor insha'Allaah. I am always so happy to read about Maimoonah's learning adventures. I love her ad'iya! Masha'Allaah!

Ya ukhti, barak Allaah feki for all that you are doing with Maimoonah *smile*.

Imaan said...

as salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh!

I've been waiting for your updates! Alhamdulillah you are back! I love that set of Islamic books as well - they have been so helpful ma shaa Allah. May Allah increase your family in imaan and `ilm ameen :) Keep posting!

Umm Khidr said...
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Umm Khidr said...

As'salaamu Alayki wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakatuh

Maashaa Allaah habeebati I really enjoy your blog. You are doing much with your bint. May Allaah azza wa jal reward you and keep your family firm upon his straight path, Aameen.

Inshaa Allaah I am in the process of designing a lesson plan, which will include the Darul Kitab books, for my 4 year old ibn. I am really looking forward to using them, inshaa Allaah

UmmSara said...

MashaAllah, wonderful as always : )
Keep up the good work biiznillah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaahi wa barakaathuhu ya Akhawaat,

Sis Umm An Nu'man wa feeki barakallaah sis, it is always a good feeling to know you are around to help me out!

Sis Imaan, I missed your updates too. Aameen to your duas.

Sis Umm Khidr, I am so glad you enjoy the blog and Aameen to your dua. Masha Allaah I heard from the Darul Kitaab that you ordered the books and I am sure you will benefit from them. Please keep us updated with your curriculum. Love to see that soon Insha Allaah.

Sis Umm Sarah thank you and the same to you too. Hope to be more productive Insha Allaah!

Anonymous said...


very nice and sweet ma shaa2al-Llaah

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam!
Jazzakallaah Khayr!

Nidha Nayeem said...

Assalamu alaykum, Sister.
Masha'Allah you have painstaikingly recorded the activities each week and it is very benificial when I teach my daughter. May Allah, The Most High reward your efforts.
The Darul Kitab books sound very nice, Masha 'Allah. Could you direct online store I can order from, and have it delivered to India?
The Link to the salah in detail shows an error page. Can you give me another link?
And Sister where are the Wudoo sequencing cards and blue prayer rug book from? Please help me with tose gtoo. Jazkillahu khair.Love to Maimoonah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam sister

Jazzakillaah Khayr for your appreciation.

You can contact Darul Kitab at darulkit@gmail.com and place your order. Yes they ship you as well but check the cost with them Inshaa Allaah.

The salaah position link is working now Inshaa Allaah, please try.

The My Blue Prayer Rug could be downloaded here Inshaa Allaah

As for Wudhoo sequencing cards I really cant remember from where I downloaded. Alternatively you can check this one for the same Inshaa Allaah

Hope this helps.

Baarakallaah Feekum

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