Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Making a Change!

Well as you all know everyone of us need a change at some stage! And  homeschoolers, especially the kids need a change too! I have had few sisters mailing me saying that the kids refuse to learn any more and they are pretty upset about it.

But believe me this is pretty normal for any child regardless of the age. So how do we attend to this issue?

Daily routine can be boring at some stage and children need a change! This need not be an expensive change, every little thing can make a big impact.

These are few things that had worked for us in every stage of our homeschooling journey.

Take a Break!

Stop all formal homeschooling for a week and enjoy the outdoors! Or just let the kids do all what they want to do. May be except for Quraan let them play. If the weather is good take them to the beach, park or any other place that will give them full satisfaction. This is part of learning too, so do not worry about  your routine! You will also feel relaxed Inshaa Allaah!

New Books!

If your child is a reader, just get some new books for them and they will enjoy this. Try to surprise them by getting books of their choice. For example if they are amused with horses and ponies get few books on that subject matter. You will see a big change in their attitude towards their normal routine. (you might get irritated sometimes as they will be only reading and nothing else, nevertheless it is still learning, so be happy!)

Get some new Toys/ Activities/ Arts and Craft Meterials

This is the next best thing. If they are boys get some construction activities or something they like to engage in, like electrical kits and an exploring activity. If they are girls arts and crafts stuff would make a big difference. stickers play a big part as this also brings out their creative writing talents!

New Stationery!


Few new pencils alone will make a difference. Try few varieties of different looking pens, colour pencils, sharpeners, erasers etc etc, and give them a small recycled or any cute looking holders and you will see how much they would like to write and write!!! 

Make a Change in the Workspace!

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Make a change. Add few posters! Get a new chair or a desk or a shelf. Get a floor carpet, a whiteboard or anything. Need not be expensive but just few things make them want to do their work. 

Start a Project!

Umm Abdul Basir's Blog

Do a Lapbook, or an exploring Project where all are involved. This is a great way of learning and you can get rid of the boring routine in the classroom!! Get the kids to choose a topic, get all the reference books or google to find out things. This will make everyone energetic and laziness will go off Inshaa Allaah. Its indeed a great way of learning as it will include all skills. I personally like to choose projects that involve information that we need to look for like Battles of Islaam, or any Islamic History related topics for older kids, and may be for younger kids too with arts and crafts included.

I hope these few things have helped you. What do you do when you need a change?

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