Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Nature Challenge - December

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This month for the Qatar Museum Authority Nature Challenge Maimoonah had to write a poem on 
"Imagine and look up to the sky. What shapes do you see?  What stories are the clouds or the stars telling?" 

Since her success in the last month poem, she has been into looking for rhyming words to write poems and awaiting this month's challenge. 

So I asked her to write down all what she sees when she looks up in the sky. She went to the window looked up in the sky and wrote what she sees and what she used to see. Then I asked her to write what each of them look like for her and what she would want to do with them. She wrote on her note book. Then I asked her to put everything together and make the lines rhyme. So she wrote...

The Sky Like a Canopy

I see..............
Clouds like woolly sheep,
to cuddle and keep.

Sun like the yellow bright ball,
to play and crawl.

Moon like a rocking cradle,
to nest and label.

Twinkling stars like sequins,
to sprinkle the penguins.

Far away planets like tracing dots,
to doodle on the pots.

Flashing lightening like zig-zag,
to stop all our chit-chat

Colourful rainbow peeks out like an arch,
to go under and march.

Glory be to My Lord,
and hoping for His reward.


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