Monday, 30 December 2013


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This year we have not been using one particular textbook so far for Science (due to relocation I have left out some science books back at home). But we have been doing from here and there using the Cambridge Primary Science Curriculum that we follow. 

We completed our study about Rocks. I was looking for a simple Lapbook on Rocks but could not find anything suitable. So dug up all the resources what I had and found some nice simple stuff Alhamdulillaah. 

We read this book and understood some of the facts about rocks and explained to her the wonderful creation of Allaah.

I got this (pictured below) book at a bargain store for almost free (it was so cheap something like less that 1 riyal). It is an Indian book but a very old edition, however the information was very clear and simple. So we used this book and studied further about.......

  • Soil has Rocks


 We learnt that soil contains rock and did this experiment as shown above.

Then I asked her to write the experiment and the observation on her book with a picture.

  • How is soiled formed? - We learnt how soil is formed. Did this experiment and then I asked her to write the experiment and observation. She also drew a flow chart explaining how this happens.

  • Three types of Rocks - We learnt about three types of Rocks Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic. She did some of the activities that were in the book and I also told her to make a table and write the names of each rocks under the correct type of rocks. 

 Rock Activity Kit
This Rock Activity kit and the Basic Rock Collection set became so handy for hands on especially because I do not know where to go and collect rocks here. I got these sets from The kit has 11 rocks samples, a book with scientific activities, puzzles and riddles with information about each rock. The Basic Rock Collection set has samples of all three types of rocks.


We had to go through the booklet and identify each rock and write on the specimen card the name of the rock. It was really fun doing this Maashaa Allaah and Maimoonah enjoyed this. 

Then we did many activities from this kit and Maimoonah enjoyed all of them. Here are some of those!

Looking at Pumice through the microscope for its holes.

Experiment - Pumice floats in water because of its holes.

Learning about Dolomite the rock used for constructing roads.

Growing Crystals by putting the dolomite in vinegar

Watching the words rising through the Ulexite!

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