Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Nature Challenge - March 2014 & Keep it Green Family Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
The topic for the month of March - Nature Challenge conducted by Tasawory (Qatar Museum Authority) was Wild Animals of Qatar. We did not have any books on this so we looked up on the internet and Maimoonah came up with this poem and submitted.

Wild Animals of Qatar

Brown long sand snakes
moves through the sand dunes,
looking for its prey.

Fork Tongue Desert Monitor,
a metre long aggressive lizard,
ready to eat with a bite.

Ethiopian Hedgehog,
hiding in the rocks,
ready to fight a big snake.

Arabian Gazelle,
with a long pair of horns,
shows its thin frame.

A Kangaroo Cat,
comes out in the night,
to throw sand at the enemy.

Nocturnal Fox,
with bat like ears,
roaming the dunes in the dark.

Lonely Sand Cats,
living in the sand caves,
dig deep into the dunes for prey

One day I hope to see them all,
and praise the Lord of all.
With this the Nature Challenge Contest ended. They organized a wonderful Keep it Green Family event at  one of the beautiful parks in Qatar - MIA Park and held some activities for kids. They also handed over the prizes for the winning contestants.

The winning entries were displayed!

At the Family day they had three stations, one was planting a seed and watching it grow. they were asked to decorate their plastic bottle pots and plant a seed, take it home and see it grow.


They were also given a small activity pack at this station by the Quraanic Botanical Gardens - Doha which had details about the trees mentioned in the Qur'aan and some fun matching, finding the difference, finding the way activities and a puzzle.


The next station was doing some crafts using recycled paper and materials and storytelling at the Mangroves.

The final station had a sensory activity. Exploring the under water shore animals. There was a sand box in which some sea creatures were buried under the sand and the kids were asked to find them.

Finally Maimoonah picked up her prize and certificates. Alhamdulillaah, they were very well thoughtfully chosen valuable gifts for these winning entries, Baarakallaah Feeha

Winning Poetry Entries

The Gift pack had a set to plant seeds and watch them grow.

A Junior snorkeling set!

A beautiful huge kite!

And the most valuable of all I guess a set of Qatar Nature Explorers Encyclopedia. They are so wonderful!



We thank the Qatar Museum Authority and Ms. Angela Ruggles for such a wonderful initiative and providing our kids a great opportunity to contribute for this. We hope they would continue to have many such challenges and events Inshaa Allaah.

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