Sunday, 20 April 2014

Tarbiyah Girls Club - Class 6

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah we have been able to cover a lot of topics at the Tarbiyah Girls Club within the last few classes.

At Class 6 we continued with Al Waajibaat - The Obligatory Matters, learning about How to Know Your Lord through the Most Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allaah".

So we taught the girls how people have deviated in this part of the belief and the important principle of the Ahlus Sunnah on the Names and Attributes of Allaah.

They were also asked to look at the Qur'aan and write some Names of Allaah with its meanings.

As for tahaarah we continued with Hadeeth 7 on Umdatul Ahkaam, Book of Tahaarah. The Hadeeth was about the description of the Wudoo of the Messenger of Allaah sallaahu alaihiwasallam according to Uthmaan bin Affaan radhiyallaahu anhu. We learnt the many benefits of this hadeeth especially the way of the sahaabah in teaching the sunnah.

The discussion of Adab Al Mufrad was indeed interesting as always, since this time we learnt the Athaar (narration of the salaf) on being kind and dutiful to parents even if the parents treat you badly. I presume the girls were taken aback with this command, but it was good to make them understand that their duty to their parents by Allaah remains the same even if they are ill treated. Alhamdulillaah.

We hope to have a scrapbook made at the end of the Level One course which would include all what we have done throughout the course. We wanted all the kids to contribute to this scrapbook and they were interested to know what they should do. So at this class we had a small scrapbooking session for them to know what we expect from them to do at home for each week and bring them to us. So the girls did some artwork to indicate what we did at our first lesson.

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