Friday, 15 August 2014

End of another School Year & Assessment - 2013/2014

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Innal Hamdalillaah! I have not been blogging since Ramadhaan due to many other commitments Maashaa Allaah! Obviously when I do not blog I feel so thoroughly disorganized with regard to homeschooling, subhanallaah! We are slowly trying to get back to organizing and starting the new school year soon. What I want to do in this post is to sum up our last school year Inshaa Allaah along with information on how we did our Assessment! 

Qur'aan reading has tremendously improved especially after Ramadhaan in which Maimoonah read at least one page a day, Alhamdulillaah. she is still continuing to read and understand the meaning by reading the Tafseer.

As for Hifdhl, subhanallaah we had a very rocky year. At the moment we have stopped memorising new soorahs as I see the old Soorahs still need perfection. So the last few months of last school year we have been only concentrating it perfecting the old soorahs. I find that she is getting mixed up with the old soorahs when she is going ahead memorising the new soorahs. Inshaa Allaah next year want to be more organized. I feel I am very much partly responsible for this as I was not too organized with her Hifdhl the last full year. 

Islaamic Studies
We covered many areas especially most of the parts of Aqeedah Alhamdulillaah, mainly due to our Tarbiyah Girls Club. We covered the Scrapbooks on Usooluth Thalaathah, Essential Lessons Every Muslims, Inheritors of the Prophets and Our Role Models.

As for memorising Usooluth Thalaathah Maimoonah has completed upto the First Principle. And we have been doing the Scrapbook with detail explanation for the first part of the book before the Principles. We did not complete that part yet, Inshaa Allaah we will continue next school year.

We went up to Eemaan in the Last day in Essential Lessons for Every Muslim (I have not blogged a couple of lessons on this due to time constraints, Inshaa Allaah will do so soon). This was indeed a great way to learn and live Eemaan.

We learnt about few scholars on Inheritors of the Prophets and I got stuck with preparing for some scholars due to lack of information about them in English. This was one reason I could not continue. Inshaa Allaah we hope to do more on this next year.

As for the Sahaabah our Role Model, Alhamdulillaah Maimoonah has been reading and re reading the Golden Series of the Sahabah and pretty familiar with those 20 Sahaabahs and their wonderful stories. We could not do more on the scrapbook due to time constraints. We want to continue that next year as well Inshaa Allaah.

We only read about the Prophets this year and did Aadam Alaihissallaam Activity Pack. Again we just could not find enough time to complete all what we wanted to do. Inshaa Allaah next year I have thought of an alternative way to do about the Prophets.

She has been reading both the Sealed Nectar and When the Moon Split for seerah but we could not really do more worksheets on Seerah. Hope we are able to do more next year.

ICO Islaamic Studies Books got stuck in UK and we eventually decided to not use them. Also I think most of it is covered in the books of the scholars we are using and Qadarallaah.

We have been able to complete Gateway to Arabic Book 1 and about 6 lessons on Madeenah Book 1. Her writing has improved as well as reading. Lot more to go Inshaa Allaah!

We completed Nelson English Fiction and Non Fiction Books 1 and covered half of Nelson English non Fiction Book 2. We also completed Nelson English Workbooks 1 and 2 along with Ronald Ridout's English Workbook 1. All what we have covered so far with regard to Cambridge Primary Curriculum has been ticked off and you can see it here.

We have completed Spelling Workout Level B and little more to finish Level C.

We completed Nelson International Mathematics Book 2a, 2b and 2C and finished half of Nelson Mathematics Textbook and Workbook 3. We are still doing MEP Maths Year 1, as Maimoonah sometimes feels bored to do the same thing over and over again on MEP. Thinking of starting Year 2 straight away Next year. The areas we have covered so far with regard to Cambridge Curriculum have been ticked off here

As for science we have been doing topics from here and there this year as many areas were covered before. We did some topics from Junior Science and some from CGP Key Stage 2 - Book. We also did many hands on Science fun activities. All what we have covered so far in Cambridge Primary Curriculum has been ticked off here.

We completed the Developing Maps Skills Book 2 and a little more to complete Maps Skills Book 1 which is another series. We also completed Geography Success Starter Book started on Book 1 as well. What is completed with regard to the UK National Curriculum has been ticked off here

We did not do ICT this year as we could not get down our books till recently.


Just to see where Maimoonah stands with regard to English and Mathematics as per the UK Curriculum I decided to give her the Sat Key Stage 1 Past Papers and made her do all on her own. Then I got a friend of mine to correct and mark the papers. These papers come with Teacher Instructions and Answers and Marking Schemes making it really easy for us homeschoolers!  I also gave her to do some Cambridge Sample Papers to do.


English she was able to do both and scored well Alhamdulillaah. The sister pointed out her careless mistakes with regard to not reading the whole question before answering for a couple questions. Other than that the sister marked her to be above average, Alhamdulillaah!





Maimoonah really enjoyed doing the Sat English Papers as all questions were based on little stories and the format of the paper is very appealing to the kids.

 Maths was also the same Alhamdulillaah!




As for science and geography I gave her some revision worksheets from the Internet to check her and Alhamdulillaah she was able to do all of them independently. 

I did not do testing on other subjects as any way I really do not believe in exams for kids at this age. The only reason I wanted her to do the Sat papers is to know what I have taught her and if she is in level with what we are following as a curriculum. 

So that sums up our end of school year post. Inshaa Allaah look out for our Next Back To school post!


AlabasterMuslim said...

Wa Alaikum Asalaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,
Your blog posts are always soooo inspiring!!! I am probably still looking at everything through rose colored glasses but that's ok. I just bought a curriculum for my almost three year old to use. This will be our first 'school year'. We will only be doing what is her level. I am not sure what to do about islamic studies- which worries me because that is the most important! I was thinking about buying those little books you show on your blog, and making sure to go over qur'an. Does that sound good for a three year old?
Barakallhu feeki!
Amina Bint Yusuf Knuckles

Homeschool Diary said...

Wow mashallah, as always I am very inspired by the dedication to Islamic studies. Well done on getting to lesson six of medina Arabic mashallah! I feel like we have been stuck on lesson four forever! But alhamdulillah you have motivated me to continue with it. Where did you get the geography and science revision sheets from sister?
May Allah make your homeschool journey easy for you and give Maimoonah knowledge that will benefit her in both worlds.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaahi wabarakaatuhu sis Amina, Baarakallaah Feekum for your kind words. Which books are you talking about ukhtee, is it the Darul Kitab Learn about Series books? Yes they are fine for any age Maashaa Allaah. Also I would suggest you to have a look at our Islaam is my Life Preschool Curriculum, here

Where it is done everything based upon Islaam. It pretty much covers only the Islaamic Part of what a three year should know.

Also if you want more structured then may be you can simply this Kindergarten Islaamic Stidies Curriculum

Hope this helps you in some way Inshaa Allaah.

Alaikum salaam Amatullaah, nice to see you hear after a long break! Reminds me of our good old days where each of us bloggers rush to comment and encourage each other to cultivate our kids upon good. Maashaa Allaah.
We were also stuck for pretty some time in Lesson 4 Madeenah Arabic lol! Alhamdulillaah we passed that and looking forward for the next lessons Inshaa Allaah! Its so much easier now Alhamdulillaah as Maimoonah is able to read Arabic independently. Need to concentrate more on writing though!

The Science Sheets I got form the BBC Schools website here

I printed on the worksheets from there and gave her.

Geograpghy, I just searched on the net and randomly chose the worksheets related to topics we had covered. Cannot remember the exact links for each page sis, if did not find it I will try to go through my history and let you know. Please do keep me informed if you need them Inshaa Allaah.

Aameen for your sincere duaa and may Allaah grant you and your family the same. Aameen.

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