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New Venture - Home School Support Program

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalaamu Alaikum

Our Past

Alhamdulillaah it has been 6 years now since we began our homeschooling officially. With the grace and mercy of Allaah we have been sharing our noble journey with all of you since our inception by recording our adventures, ideas and offering resources for downloading. I love for your kids what I love for my children and this has been the main reason for continuing my blog throughout the years with all different circumstances that we have gone through. And I ask Allaah to enable me to do the same until I am able to. 

Blogging opened the doors to get to know some lovely like minded sisters and families, students of knowledge, publishers, educational product manufactures, educationists and organizations all over the world and of course enhanced my skills in every aspect by the mercy of Allaah. More and more sisters and children started benefiting from our journey and resources and since then I have been receiving emails almost every week asking for help and advice with regard to homeschooling from many sisters from different backgrounds and places. While I try my best to allocate time for each of those emails and to date have replied to each and every one of them as far as I know, it is indeed time consuming plus I am not too sure if those replies really help them in a larger scale to benefit there kids throughout.

New Venture

Alhamdulillaah with all of the above in mind and after making Isthikhaarah (Seeking Guidance from my Lord) and consulting the believers we have entered into another bigger adventure! 

I invite you to have a look at our new website 

Homeschool Support Programs

This is our new venture. We will be supporting the homeschooling moms with different cost effective packages and online help. 

You can click on our various Support Packs and view the details and send us an email with your interest.


We will send you a questionnaire to understand you and your household better to cater accordingly and after discussing with you to assess your need we can agree on the package options and the cost. And upon payment we will begin preparing your customised package and when completed would be posting the package to your physical  mailing address,  Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to post the packs to your physical mailing address. The packs will be sent to you via a downloadable link.  We will continue to provide you online support with any concerns you may have in implementing the pack Inshaa Allaah. 


This way I hope the moms especially the mom's who are new to homeschooling as well as busy mom's with many kids or with work would benefit Inshaa Allaah. And remember our aim is to link back all beneficial secular subjects kids learn to Islaam and this is why our packages are unique as we would always make sure that the sources are authentic and get our materials checked by students of knowledge Inshaa Allaah. Additionally many homeschoolers spend so much money on resources without actually knowing if those could be used with their kids or not. Aren't we all guilty of stacking up at least some stuff that are still on our shelves unused, purchased long ago and at times still continue to buy thinking it will be of use one day! This is something that I look forward to work on with sisters in order to help them choose resources that they can make use of for the right purpose during the right stages and avoid wastage. 

Moms who are new to homeschooling overwhelmed with the new concept and deal with lot of stress and anxiety wondering from where to start and what to look for. We were also there once and we know exactly what you feel. We hope to build your confidence by the permission of Allaah by directing you towards the right steps to take and sharing our experiences and educating you all about a rather new concept.

There are sisters who send kids to schools and are searching for guidance in teaching Islaamic Studies at home. I firmly believe Islaam should be taught like how the early generation of Muslims were taught, yes some may call it the classical way! Islaam is not a subject that is confined to worksheets and textbooks, It is a way of life and indeed "knowledge comes before actions", and there is so much to learn. Therefore our approach has always been taking that knowledge from the books of the scholars, simplifying it according to the level of the child and presenting in an interactive manner.

Many Islaamic Schools and organizations also write to me asking for help and it would be a pleasure to workout Interactive Activity Packs integrating Islaam into their curriculum and themes. 

We also want to benefit the publishers and small businesses that are putting out quality authentic Islaamic products and other beneficial educational kits and materials by collaborating with them to review and include their products into our packs so that many would make use of them.

Support Us

We look forward to working with many families, schools and organizations inshaa Allaah. You can follows us on facebook , Instagram and Google Plus for beneficial reminders, ideas with regards to cultivating and educating the children and latest updates on our homeschool support programs. Spread the word and support all of us who are involved in this noble program. We are ask Allaah to make our tasks easy and accept our deeds and grant us success in this project. Aameen

Please be free to contact me at for any clarifications. 

Baarakallaah Feekum

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