Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ramadhaan and Eidul Fitr - 2016

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah, Allaah blessed us to complete another Ramadhaan. We ask Allaah to enable us to reach the next Ramadhaan inshaa Allaah. This was our first Ramadhaan with Ramlah and by the Mercy of Allaah it was smooth even though we could not do 100% we were still able to fast, Maimoonah could go to the Masjid for Taraweeh and Qiyaam with her Abi and I could pray at home keeping Ramlah. 

Benefits from the Sittings
Alhamdulillaah we managed to almost complete the 30 sittings and Maashaa Allaah it is indeed a must read even before entering the month of Ramadhaan. Subhanallaah every chapter has such immense benefits and sometimes it is so sad we did not have enough time to go into details. Nevertheless we read and discussed almost all sittings even though we could not journal the last 10 sittings.

Most of the time Maimoonah was tired so I helped her a lot with writing while she took care of the crafting part. I really enjoyed journalling after a very long time and personally could extract many benefits pertaining to manners of a facilitator as well as rulings related to dheen matters.

I really loved the way Shaykh Uthaimeen begin each sittings with lots of lots of praise and gratitude to Allaah and each day he intelligently uses different attributes of Allaah and different descriptions along with, while sending salutations to the Messenger of Allaah and the Khulaafur Raashideen, during each sittings he wisely describes each of them with what they were known for always giving more and more information about them in the easiest manner for the student to remember. Indeed so much to learn from our Ulama. May Allaah have mercy upon Shaykh Uthaimeen and join him with the companionship of the Prophets and the Messengers and grant him the highest position in Jannah. Aameen. 
His compassion, the way of addressing the students, sincerity in imparting the knowledge, honestly seeking the rewards only from Allaah in teaching the people and the very concise manner of dealing each topic without making it overwhelming or boring are some of the characteristics we as facilitators and teachers of our kids could surely adopt for a better productivity and success. No doubt this really helped me to rectify and refresh myself for the next academic year! 

These are some of the pages from our Journal of Benfits from the Sittings during the blessed month of Ramadhaan.



The day of Eid was good. We were able to take Ramlah and go to the Eid Musalla early in the morning and Maimoonah was extremely happy with her Eid gifts from family and firends. We had some friends for lunch and it was an enjoyable Eid Maashaa Allaah.

Ramlah is 3 months now Alhamdulillaah and pretty attentive when we talk, recite and read. We took her out to the park for the first time early in the morning and she enjoyed the green and chirping of the birds. Waiting for the weather to cool down to take her out and enjoy the nature inshaa Allaah. 

At the moment we are getting ready for the next academic year and this time I want to get back to structure and organizing just like the good old days inshaa Allaah. After almost two years of sort of unstructured work I think it is time to get a bit serious as Maimoonah is growing and need to cater according to her needs plus need to inculcate more in order to prepare her for what shall I say, may be adulthood! Yes time is passing by so soon. She is already nine subhanallaah I cannot believe it really, and with Ramlah around it is best that I am organized and prepared for a stress free, shouting free and disappoitnment free atmosphere inshaa Allaah. More on our plannings coming soon, inshaa Allaah.

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