Wednesday, 26 October 2016

What is Geography - Starting KS3!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah we started off Secondary level for geography with Maimoonah. The textbook we have chosen is maashaa Allaah very nice and very easy to use, There is a lot of information but all of them are concise and interesting. 

The first chapter of the book is What is Geography. We discussed the definitions and talked about how learning geography would help us as Muslims. And here is what Maimoonah came up with, She also wanted to do a scene with felts for this notebooking. 

Then we used this beautiful pack about Landforms to learn more about physical geography and different landforms. 

Landform Layer Book

To remember at a glance about different types of geographies Maimoonah did this note booking with simple definitions and added examples for each type of geography to make it easy. 

Next, we learnt about finding out places and how to use GPS Locations.

We learnt in details about longitude and latitudes and how to find them for each location. 

We used the Mapping Skills with Google Earth and read more about GPS Location on google and talked about real time scenarios as we are so accustomed to using pin locations to go to places over here and many times easily get lost otherwise, Alhamdulillaah! 

Then we learnt about using graphs in geography and the different graphs used for different purposes. And the use of bar graph, line graph, pie graph, and scatter graph. 


Finally, the chapter ends with value and use of all the different types of geographies.

 At the co-op, the kids were asked to do Landform Diorama. Maimoonah chose to do rain forest, but she has not been able to complete it yet. Inshaa Allaah she hopes to do it soon and we can update with the image. Other kids have done their diorama maashaa Allaah. Will update with their pics as well later.

So Alhamdulillaah KS3 geography seems interesting and Maimoonah likes it too. We have been using lot of other books for geography over the years and Maashaa Allaah this textbook is in the format that I was looking for , for a very long time. Finally, something nice to work with especially at this level.

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