Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Allaah Created Nature Event - Summary!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah "Allaah Created Nature" event at the park was a pleasant success with more than 50 kids participating along with their mothers.

Children enjoyed the storytime and introduction to nature from our Nurture Series Level Book "Allaah Created Nature". Alhamdulillaah this little book has simplified information about Nature and the explains in a very child-friendly manner the use of nature. Children will enjoy the interactive activities too bi idhnillaah.


After the storytime the kids began their nature walk in groups and set out to explore the different posts we had set up at different locations in the park. The posts revolved around the 5 senses and the blessings of nature. Exploring each post included hands-on activities and completing worksheets.

When they completed the walk and discovery of each post they kids got their very own Flower Planting Kit to take home with different worksheets they did.

The heartwarming thing about this whole event was the involvement of our homeschooling older kids in organising this event. They were the kids of my fellow homeschooler Umm Aisha and Maimoonah. The kids planned out the events for the little ones, helped with designing worksheets, took the responsibility of packing the gifts and much more. May Allaah reward Umm Aisha and her family without whom I would never have imagined carrying out an event like this, subhanallaah! So we did not forget the thank the little budding event organizers with a small gift end of the event.

If you would like to do a similar event in your community, school or homeschooling group, you are welcome to contact me to get our "Allaah Created Nature Event Pack".

Here are the details.

Allah Created Nature Event Pack
Nurture Islaam Series

Get outdoors and explore the blessings of nature!
Let the children to learn what is nature with our interesting Nature Event Pack!
Get the kids to understand how we could thank Allaah for the blessings of nature! 
Have a picnic in the park while listening to a story connected to nature!

Ideal outdoor activity for ...
Homeschooling Groups
Educational Organizations
Play dates
A group of friends

Pack comes with..
  Complete Event Plan/Instructions
Activity Book “Allaah Created Nature” by Umm Maimoonah
How to Take Care of Nature Colouring Sheet
Nature Walk Log Recording Sheet
 Animal Sounds Worksheet
 Leaf Rubbing Sheet
Colours of Nature Worksheet/Colouring Sheet
Natural and Manmade Things – Sorting Activity Sheet

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