Sunday, 30 May 2010

Allaah Created Plants

We are starting to explore a new topic Insha Allaah. All about plants. So here is what we have done so far.

We watched few power point presentations on "The Life Cycle of a Plant". For those of you who are interested please leave a comment with your email address and will send you the files Insha Allaah.

Then we printed this "How do Plants Grow" pictures and the mini book from here.

She coloured the pictures while we were having a chat about how Allaah has created plants and how perfect He is and going through the life cycle. After making the book we read together.

Then gave her some beans and asked her to take the seeds out (she likes doing these things with great interest). Then we wet the paper serviettes and places the beans in it to see how it sprouts Insha Allaah.

Then we did a small life cycle of a plant diagram on her environmental studies book. I gave a her bowl and asked her to hold the bowl and draw around it so that she can draw a beautiful circle and she did well Masha Allaah. Then I divided the circle and numbered and asked her to paste each picture in the order of the life cycle of the plant and here is what she did.

To make it a little bit more interesting I taught her some actions that will go along with these stages of the life cycle. For example asked her to make her fingers small and say seed, point to the ground and say soil, point the finger up and say sun, then with the hands show the sprout or plant blooming and so on. She was highly thrilled with these actions and I could see the whole day she was running about with these actions and teaching her stuffed toys the life cycle of the plants.

We will be continuing more activities on Plants Insha Allaah throughout the week.

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