Tuesday, 4 May 2010

House Work + Names of The Prophets

So we did a little bit of house work today. Taught her to clean the floor with the sponge and then mop. She did a wonderful job Masha Allaah. I am seriousely thinking of giving her the mopping job from tomorrow Insha Allaah! lol

Then taught her how to fold a hankerchief. She folded it and gave it to her Abi to take with him to work!

We made this poster from here and put it up to learn the names of the Prophets mentioned in the Qur'aan Insha Allaah.

I tried her pre writing ability by giving her a worksheet and asking her to write on top of the dotted lines. She was good masha Allaah more practice will make it perfect I guess Insha Allaah.

We did the next chapter on MEP maths.. Progressing well masha Allaah.

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