Thursday, 13 May 2010

Allaah Created Shapes..

Maimoonah is familiar with shapes Masha Allaah but she wanted a repetition so we did some activities on shapes. She knows the English as well as the Arabic Terms for shapes such as circle, square, triangle, oval, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, diamond, star, etc.

So we took a thick board used all the shapes and drew them on the board. Coloured each one of them while saying the names in both English and Arabic.

Then she matched the shapes accordingly. Then we went around the house looking for things that are having different shapes. She identified few things like ball, phone, cushion, door etc. This was fun for her masha Allaah.

While eating during our read aloud session I asked her to show the different shapes that she could see in the pictures of the book we were reading. She was quick to spot them and the latest is that she only names the shapes in Arabic lol. Refuses to mention the English terms. Sometimes I get confused with the Arabic names and I have to pause and think before I agree lol. Good learning process for me Masha Allaah!

Then we did a worksheet on shapes which we got from here We got her a pencil with a grip and she was proud to use it to draw shapes on the dotted lines.

We had a small shapes book in Arabic. So we went through that book while watching this

Another beautiful Introduction to shapes could be found here Insha Allaah.

Then we took this out and made it together. She was very quick to break though! But this taught her how to copy something I guess...

In the evening while going for a walk we looked for things with different shapes. She said the Sun is like Daairah, the roof is like muthallaathun, and so on and said Allaah created shapes and He is Al Khaaliq. Yes Indeed He is The Creator!

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