Sunday, 9 September 2012

First Day of the new School year!

Alhamdulillaah today was our First Day for this school year. I was to start off with the work boxes but could not do it as planned. I could not get proper boxes and I could not get the labels laminated yet. Inshaa Allaah hope to do so soon. But did not want to postpone teaching any more so managed with what was around and subhanallaah this system went off so well, innalhamdalillaah.

It was so productive, stress free and Maimoonah enjoyed the whole process, now I was thinking within me as most of you would also think since this was the first day and it was a change she enjoyed and did all her work, as time goes on she might get bored, Allaah knows best. We will have to wait and see, but I feel this method organizes me more than her. I know what I have to do and everything is in its place for teaching and no time is spent on taking the books, reference books looking for them and so on. Alhamdulillaah at the end of the day feel so satisfied that the work got done without any stress.

So I took some of the folders I had at home and stuck sticky notes on each folder with the name of the subject and filled the folders with books, worksheets and reference books that needs to be done for today and kept them in order.

Then Wrote a note on the board like this.

We started school at around 8 am and finished all by 12.30 pm. She took each folder to her desk and we did each subject.

In between she had her snack and enjoyed well with the fun activity. Fun activities are something new she would see or do on that day which she has not done before, So this surprise and curiosity makes her finish her schedules fast too. This was today's fun activity, Thumb Art!


These are the finished folders.

So today we could cover as planned Introduction to Usooluth Thalaathah where we studied the biography of Imaam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhaab raheemahullaah, listened to the Qur'aan, memorised the last part of a new soorah and revised one old soorah, Maths, Reading, Spelling, Geography, Arabic and English.

Inshaa Allaah will write more on work boxes when I get all my resources for it and when we implement it properly soon.

Also I have still not decided how I am going to blog of our activities this year. May be I will do it subject wise fortnightly or Monthly or only when there is something interesting that we have done. This is mainly because we are using more resources, more books and more work is done within a week. Any suggestions?

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