Friday, 27 June 2014

Everyday Arabic Series - Books Review

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah we received these wonderful series of books on "Everyday Arabic" from Taalib Al-Ilm Educational Resources 

This will be a general review of these books just to give you an idea and possibly you can consider giving these books as gifts for your kids or your loved ones for Ramadhaan and Eid. Inshaa Allaah after Eid we will review each of these books and share with you how we would include this into our arabic Studies while homeschooling.

These books have 8 titles
The publishers say these books are suitable for Ages 4-6 & Above. In Fact its even very much suitable for me too and for the whole family as well. Each books have more than 40 pages and some have more than 50.

All of these books are Questions and Answer Books with pictures pertaining to each title. All are in the form of sentences and have Arabic on one side of the page and English on the other side. The words are colour coded too. 

The quality of the paper inside and outside are pretty good infact when you touch the cover page you feel very nice. 

At the end of each book you also get a couple of  colouring and other activities.

What we like about these books
  • This goes beyond just learning vocabulary
  • Its structured in such a way, where we can start talking Arabic instead of studying only grammar and not being able to speak
  • The English Translation along with the Arabic
  • No transliteration so that the child somehow reads in Arabic only (with transliteration around I have notice the kids really do not make effort to read the Arabic)
  • It is good for English Language and Vocabulary too
  • Can be used for read aloud family session or circle time
  • Illustrations are beautiful and do not contain any pictures of living beings with souls

What we feel that could improve the look and feel of these books!
  • The Arabic letterings are pretty thick and some of the letters are not very clear for kids or the ones who are learning Arabic to read
  • Too much colour in the words and letters is not very soothing to the eye
  • The pictures are too large and are sometimes a distraction to concentrate and read, and one or two words are not clear due to the pictures
  • More Activities for all ages could be a plus

We hope the publishers would take these drawbacks and make them better when they re print Inshaa Allaah.

Other than this I love the concept of these books are looking forward to make use of it to improve our Arabic Studies and I am sure this would add more flavour to it when we start homeschooling after Eid Inshaa Allaah! These set of books are really worth it for the this price and will serve as a wonderful gift too. Check them out and share with others Inshaa Allaah!

And the good news is Taalib Al-Ilm Educational Resources have agreed to giveaway each of these books to one of my readers. So look out for the grand Giveaway after Eid and a full review of each of the titles Inshaa Allaah. They also have many other publications. Its worth having a look at their store. They also have just put out this lovely Ramadhaan Journal

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