Sunday, 22 June 2014

Tarbiyah Girls Club - Final Class for Level 1

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah! last Saturday was the last Class for level 1 of this Course. So this class included a revision test of all what we have studied. This was a set of simple worksheets for kids to review what they have done during the last 10 classes. 

Since we missed out one hadeeth from Umdatul Ahkaam - Book of tahaarah we completed that one at this class. This hadeeth deals with urinating it still water and having a ghusl in still water while in a state of janaabah. We did not explain to the kids the meaning of a junoob except we said we will talk about it later and it is a state of impurity. 

Then we had an oral quiz contest. Divided the kids into two groups and the one who answered the most amount of the correct answers and got the highest points was chosen as the winner and we gave some sweets to the winner too.

Then the girls decorated cupcakes and had some fun. These were carrot cupcakes which were baked and the kids decorated their own cupcakes. 

They also had some fun playing around. Finally each girl was given a gift bag. They all seemed happy about it as this came as a surprise to them.


Alhamdulillaah we were able to cover Al Waajibaat upto Knowing Your Religion, We completed the Book of Tahaarah - on Wudoo and purification from Umdatul Ahkaam, we have also done around 6 hadeeth on Adab Al Mufrad and learnt about 3 Great Women of Islaam.

We hope that this initiative benefited the kids and their families and we look forward to continue this club after summer too Inshaa Allaah!

I would like to thank the girls and their parents for enrolling, the sister who opened up her house for this club and for initiating this project and working tirelessly throughout. The sister who took in charge of home making activities for the girls and for a job well done. Sister Umm Aayaah for helping me with all the graphic design and layout for the documents. May Allaah reward you all and make your scales heavy with all the good deeds. Aameen. Jazzaakumullaah Khayr.

May Allaah accept this from us. Aameen.

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