Sunday, 15 June 2014

Ramadhaan Journalling Event - Doha

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah we organized a Ramadhaan Journalling Session for the kids and the event was well attended Maashaa Allaah.

71 kids registered for the event. Here is what we did. The idea was to introduce journaling for the kids with making Ramadhaan the core. 

We made a Pack for each child where all materials were included for them to complete a Ramadhaan Journal during the Month of Ramadhaan.

What is in the pack?

Activity Sheets - (We choose some sheets from My Ramadhaan Activity packs for older kids and we made a two pages easy Activity Sheets for small kids) Done at the session, can be used for cutting and pasting on the journal later
A Journal Notebook - To maintain the Ramadhaan Journal
A sheet of Writing Prompts- To help kids write Journal pages
Journalling Description Sheet - How to Journal and tips for Ramadhaan Journal
A Ramadhaan Journal Goal Sheets with Hadeeths - Can be used separately or cut and paste 
Stickers - For Decoration and Good Deed Tree
A pack of Sequins - For decoration
Pieces of Different Wrapping papers with different designs - For decoration
Ribbons - For Decoration
Coloured Tissue paper pieces - For decorating borders and pages
Construction Papers - To be used for Journal pages
Coloured Papers - For decoration or to be used for writing
Different Shapes of Post it Stickers  - For decorating the writing pages on journal pages
Glue & Scissors and All are packed in a folder

We packed all of them in a folder and kept them ready!

Since there were 70 kids we grouped the kids and put a couple of sisters who volunteered, in charge of each group. Alhamdulillaah the sister who opened up the house for us allowed us to use the whole of her house. So the younger kids were in the living room and the older kids were in different rooms in their groups. We had to use her Kitchen as well Maashaa Allaah. This was our Program for the day!

Program - 9am to 12 noon
Registering and arranging the kids - 15 minutes (8.45 am to 9am)
Reading “When Ramadhaan Comes” with all kids  - 15 minutes
separate kids according to groups and sisters in charge take over each group  - 15 minutes
Both age groups do their respective Ramadhaan Activity sheets ( the respective sisters  in charge would supervise) - 30 minutes
Explain Journaling using the Notes - 15 minutes
Break - 15 Minutes
Decorating the Cover page of the Journal  - 20 minutes
Making a Journal page on the topic of - “Dates”  - 25 minutes
Sticking the Ramadhaan Tracker and Good Deeds Tree on one page of the journal and talking about some good deeds - 15 minutes
Writing one page of Goals (6 and up) - 15 minutes
Wrapping up/ Cleaning Up - 15 Minutes

We went around each group explaining what they should do and the sisters in charge supervised the kids in their groups.

We have kept separate the materials that would be used on that day by the kids and handed over the packs only when they went home as we did not want the kids to mess up the lovely tempting stuff inside.

We made some samples before the event to show the kids what we would be doing on that day!

These are some of the pics taken while the kids are busy with work at the session!

Decorating the Cover Page


Making a Date Palm Tree

Sticking the Good Deed Tree

Older kids did a collage of the Date Palm Tree

We asked the parents to send us pics of the complete journals after Ramadhaan Inshaa Allaah! Alhamdulillaah we could see the kids enjoying and their different creativity and talents. 

Our little Maimoonah enjoyed it too. When we came home she was saying "Ummi, why don't you have more events like this? It was so much fun". This is her cover page and her work!

This is a very nice way of bringing the community together and making the kids happy and making them learn about Ramadhaan too. Sisters are welcome to do the same in their local Muslim Communities Inshaa Allaah! If you need any further assistance in organizing something similar in your community you can contact me at

We thank all the sisters who came forward to help us with this event and did a wonderful job yesterday and we thank the kids for participating.  Jazzaakumullaah Khayr wa Baarakallaah Feekum!

My special and sincere thanks to my dear freind for taking in charge of the most tough part of buying the stuff for the packs, arranging and packing them and open up her house for the event. May Allaah bless her and her family and reward them with good in this world and the next. Aameen. We also are so thankful for the kind gesture of Silver Envelopes. They generously sponsored us with these lovely Ranadhaan Eid Scrapbook Art Packs for the kids who participated. Jazzakumullaah Khayr!

May Allaah accept this from all of us. Aameen!


Eva said...

MashaAllah that is such a nice activity that you put together for the kids!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Thanks for dropping by sis Eva, yes all of us enjoyed this activity and Maimoonah is really enjoying doing the journal every day in Ramadhaan!

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