Saturday, 30 October 2010

Little Muslimah's Field Trip

Alhamdulillaah, as part of our curriculum this week "Allaah Created Nature" We combined Nature observation, Little Muslim's Field Trip Notebook, and Allaah Created, Nature Walk Activity found at A Muslim Child is Born, and had a wonderful time out doors masha Allaah.

We went to the beach and with a magnifying glass our little Muslimah did all the exploring and playing masha Allaah. She discovered that magnifying glass makes things look big : ), She looked at the sand, seaweed, shell, and bushes.

Then she collected some corals, sea shells, stones and brought home. We saw many many birds eating at the shore. It was a wonderful sight masha Allaah!

Play time at the beach

Next day early in the morning ( at about 6.30 am, because the sun is very strong after that over here) after her tea (she drinks tea now : ) we set out downstairs to take a nature walk. We looked at flowers that were still sleeping as these flowers bloom when the sun rises close upon mid day.

She touched and looked at the grass, it had some small flowers on it. A piece of grass was fallen so she took it and put it in her bag. Touched the bark of the date palm tree and she said it was hard.

Then she touched the soil and collected a little in a small bottle.

We saw a cat running and hiding under a car, she was thrilled and went behind it.

We also saw ants and their homes.

And lots of small birds chirping and pigeons. We spoke about how Allaah is Al Khaaliq and all other Attributes that she had learnt. It was a great revision out doors. The weather was wonderful as winter is approaching here, had a cool breeze too, she wanted to swing a little at the end...

We came home and made out of this torn paper (kind of hard board) bag the field notebook, rather a field scrap book. I have been enjoying reading Recycling, re using from our sisters Umm An Nu'man and Umm Sara and they have inspired me a lot. So this bag turned out to be a "Little Muslimah's Field Notebook/Scrap Book, masha Allaah!

Maimoonah is a bit bored with colouring after 6 weeks of loads of activities, so we wanted to make a difference. We used some kitchen stuff, collage, skin of grams and did arts and crafts!

Then we recorded all what we saw, explored learnt on the notebook. I asked her to tell me and I wrote while she was pasting the grass, shells, corals and all the stuff she has collected.

We also did a matching activity with pictures and real things before pasting the things collected at the beach.

These are the pics of the inside of the book!

The cover of the book looks like this!

Masha Allaah it turned out to a great learning experience and made a difference in the curriculum too! Summary of the week will come soon Insha Allaah!


Eva said...

mashaAllah sister, it looks like you gals had a lot of fun exploring nature :) that's awesome that you were able to collect things for your field notebook :) you're inspired me to create one with my daughter now too, jazakAllahu Khairun!

<3 Eva

Umm Maimoonah said...

Wa iyyaaki sister Eva. I am glad you like it! I am sure you will be able to do a much better notebook especially because of the place you live in masha Allaah! Hope to see your one soon Insha Allaah! It was indeed a great field trip to cherish Masha Allaah!

umm muhammad said...

MashaAllah sister, it looked like fun... Its getting cooler here but i need one last beach day with my son before its too cold inshaAllah... in other news, Im starting his new hajj activities so come check it out ok?

Umm Maimoonah said...

Hope you have fun at the beach Insha Allaah! Yes will check out for hajj activities sis. Have a great week!

UmmSara said...


seems like you all had very good time at the beach and I'm sure Maimoonah learned a lot : )

Umm Maimoonah said...

Yes, Umm Sara. Alhamdulillaah we live close to the beach and we go there very often and she enjoys. Summer was nice at the beach, winter is approaching and we will miss the beach!

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