Friday, 1 October 2010

Summary - Week 2 - Where is Allaah?

Here is the summary Insha Allaah for week 2.

Where is Allaah?
We watched the powerpoint presentation 'Where is Allaah" from here. We used to watch this many times from the time she was a baby masha Allaah but now she could read many things on her own and understand masha Allaah. While watching I talked about how great Allaah is and that only he could be above the heavens. We read the part about Where is Allaah in the Aqeedah book of Brother Moosa Richardson and she answered the Review questions well. We also read Usooluth Thalaathah pertaining to the topic.

Then came the most interesting activity. The mini workbook done by our dear sister Umm An Nu'man. Jazzakillaah khayr dear sis for this wonderful book! You can download it here Insha Allaah.

She really enjoyed this worbook and she could read all the contents of the book on her own masha Allaah and follow instructions. This was a good exercise. We learnt about "under. behind, in front of, above, etc etc using this book too.

Qur'aan Memorization
She memorized soorah Masad this week and almost finished memorizing soorah Nasr Masha Allaah.

Asmaaul Husna
We did the Names 'Al A'laa and Al Alee', Detail post is here Insha Allaah!

She could read this on her own masha Allaah. I wrote it on a piece of paper and you can see her reading to her stuffed toys!

She read this book to me on her own which we had downloaded and made a book sometime back.

And I read this book to her from the Learn About series.

We practiced Letters 'W, C and noon'.

Arabic Reading
We started a bit of the Iqra Book.

I am not teaching this with a time table. I just introduced the fat ha and I read through out the week once. She has caught some. We did the first page.

We are proceeding with the MEP maths reception year. And now we are in the introduction of additions and subtractions. She is doing well so far masha Allaah

Environmental Studies
We did the water cycle, detail post could be found here

Montessori Activities
Pouring water

Arranging the shoe rack
She had disarranged the shoe rack with all her anger because I had gone for a wash. When I came back I saw this and took the opportunity and made her find the right pairs of the shoes and made her arrange the rack.

Using the sponge to clean the water

Making words and sentences

These strips were remaining from all my cutting and I made use of it. Wrote some words and gave her to make sentences.

Stored them in a zip lock bag so that we can use it frequently insha Allaah.

So Alhamdulillaah we have finished week 2.


Anonymous said...

MashaAllaah, what a fruitful week. BaarakAllaahu feekunna!

Umm Muhammad Saalih

Anonymous said...

Masha'Allah! Masha'Allah! Barak Allahu feekunna! So much hard work Maimoonah *smile*...Jazakillahu Khayr!

Minara said...

mashallah, well done maimoona, you have acheived so much in a week

Umm Maimoonah said...

Jazzakumullaah khayr sisters for all your kind encouraging comments!

Eva said...

mashaAllah what a great week :)! I really need to get organized and start this curriculum inshaAllah :)

Umm Maimoonah said...

Jazzakillaah Khayr sis. Insha Allaah start soon we can look forward to your innovative ideas on this Insha Allaah : )

UmmSara said...

assalamu alaykim,

mashaAllah wonderful.
I see your daughter writing all by herself, if she is doing this all by herself it is wonderful mashaAllah.
I make tracing worksheets and my kids do only tracing for now. I think girls like this type of activity more than boys : )

How does she like Iqra book? My daughter likes the book, but his brother says it is not very interesting, he says he knows how to read lol :)

In aqeedah lessons I think we are going side by side mashaAllah. And dear sister Umm An-Nu'man is making wonderful workbooks for our kids. They are lovely and useful mashaAllah.

I remember you saying about Glenn Doman method of reading, is that right?
I did start this method when my son was two, he seemed to like it and learned quite a lot of words. But then I did not have enough material to learn the method itself (pros and cons), so I stopped, instead just practiced letters and phonics. If you have a good source on Glenn Doman method please share, I will inshaAllah take a look and learn some more on this.

I hope you will another wonderful week inshaAllah!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam dear sis Umm Sara,

Laa, my daughter writes on dotted lines still, but once in a way she writes some letters on her own but not straight though! With practice Insha Allaah they would learn.

Iqra books are good, but I do not ask her to repeat anything, I just show her the fat ha and then I read. I have found this way works best for her as this is the method of Glenn Doman as well. Since she is used to Glenn Doman's method she is quick in identifying words rather than letters. So actually am waiting to get the Madeenah books for kids as I am unable to buy it here. When I get I will start on the same method as I do in English Insha Allaah. I am not well versed in Arabic so I do not want to teach her the wrong thing, hence I need to wait for the book Insha Allaah.

A big Jazzakillaah Khayr to sis Umm An Numan.She is indeed a great asset to us, masha Allaah.

As for Glenn Doman's method sis I used to do this with my daughter since she was 1 year old without even knowing such a method existed. Any way later when I read his book "Teach your baby how to read", I found lot of things he says suited Maimoonah's learning method. then I spoke to a cousin of mine who has three kids and she has used this method on all of them. The kids are over 10 now and they are doing well and I cannot see any side effects. So I printed out words and flashed and she learnt pretty fast. When she learnt about 100 words, I made small booklets and taught her all the words in the book first or made a book with the words she could already read and gave her. Then she started reading. And we are continuing like this.

I did not check too much on the net but the homeschool forum that I am a member some sisters with many years of experience in home schooling had some concerns about this method, but none of them had tried out. Any way each child is unique and you got to take the decision accordingly. Allaah knows best!

Hope this helped! Have a fruitful week too!

ummraiyan said...

assalamu alaykum sister. i tried to open the power point presentation but it says the website has been moved(same with the first presentation). i am not sure where to look for it in the new website.need your help..Alhamdulillah we started following your preschool curriculum, though we are progressing a little slow. can i put your curriculum in my blog with your name?can you tell me how maimoonah is memorizing the surahs?
jazakallahu khair.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah sis Fatima

Yes, the sister is in the process of re organizing the new website Insha Allaah. Here is the link for her new site and to get the powerpoint replace link as she says there Insha Allaah!

But I cannot see this particular presentation link there. Please email me at and I will send it as attachments Insha Allaah!

Glad to know that you are following the curriculum masha Allaah! Yes please you are welcome to share the curriculum on your blog Insha Allaah!

As for memorizing the Qur'aan, many sisters have asked me how we do it and I think I have replied in some of the comments, but Insha Allaah to make it easy for me as well as for all I will put up a small post on it Insha Allaah soon.

Masha Allaah your daughter is sweet and May Allaah bless her with beneficial ilm and keep her upon the straight path and make your wonderful journey of home schooling successful! Aameen!

summi said...

As salaam sister Umm Maimoonah,
I'm starting to teach my preschooler but im unable to open the link to the power point presentation above. Please help.

May Allah reward you for putting this blog together. Very useful for new mums like me.

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