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Summary - Week 3 - Who Created You?

Summary for Week - 3

Who Created You?
Sis Umm An Nu'man masha Allaah with her busy schedule is putting out mini work books every week for this curriculum and may Allaah bless her and give her the best in both worlds for taking the time for this, Aameen. You can download these books from her blog A Muslim Child is Born Insha Allaah.

We started with this mini work book, she could read many things in it Masha Allaah. She coloured the pictures throughout the week and also did the activities and completed masha Allaah!

She enjoyed this cutting and pasting activity and this time I only cut the pieces and gave her to paste the right words at the right spot all on her own and she did well masha Allaah.

I explained to her the purpose of the creation and she has memorized the Aayah in Arabic "Wa maa khalatul jinna wal insa illaa li ya'budoon". Also told her that it is very easy for Allaah to create anything He just has to say "Be" and it is.

We read the Usooluth thalaathah and the Aqeedah book and I can see she has memorized some aayahs mentioned in them as proofs masha Allaah.

We started reading about Prophet Aadam alaihissalaam as we are hoping to start our study of Prophets next week Insha Allaah. Along with My First Quraan stories book we read this book from Daarul Kitaab. Insha Allaah hope to do more activities next week.

Then we did this sorting activity again done by our dear sister Umm An Nu'man. You can download it here Insha Allaah! She really enjoyed this activity.

We did this throughout the week and she really got the hang to differentiate people, places and things, masha Allaah.

Then we cut pictures from magazines and pasted pictures on her Environmental Studies book. What did Allaah Create and What did man make? Masha Allaah after the activity she understood the concept.

Asmaaul Husna
We did few more Names and Attributes of Allaah. "Al Khaaliq, Al Khallaaq, Al Mussawwir, Al Baari". Explained the names and Attributes and pasted pictures to illustrate. She was thrilled with the Name Al Khallaaq - The Creator who creates again and again. She was surprised, also I think she likes the tone of repetition accompanied by power "Again and Again". : )

While doing Al Mussawwir and Al Baari we went through the birth of the baby in her encyclopedia and explained to her no one else could do this except Allaah, Al Mussawwir and Al Baari.

Qur'aan Memorization
Masha Allaah, We finished Soorah Nasr. She worked on Soorah Quraish and she finished that and we started Soorah Feel. I read the Tafseer to her and explain the incidents now as she wanted to know what Allaah is saying. So For each Soorah we talk about its time and circumstance of revelation.

We have been reading "Our Creator" Learn about series book and she could read most of it on her own masha Allaah.

Meanwhile she has read to me the Mini Work book "Allaah Created me" throughout the week masha Allaah.

We aslo did a small game. I wrote some sentences on our theme "Who Created me" on the strips that remained while cutting and folded them and put on the table. Asked her to close her eyes and take one piece of paper and open it and read. She loved the idea. After she read then I asked her to tell me to do it. She was thrilled that she could tell me what to do. So we played this and made a bit of a difference in reading.

She has been wanting me to read at least 10 books a day this week and I have actually been so tired reading to her. Most of the books have many pages and she insists that I read every bit of it. Some days it has really been tiring for me and I have just put a halt and she has been crying! Subhanallaah! Also she has been reading the books on her own without my supervision on and off when she gets into a mood! So I guess masha Allaah she is developing a great likeness towards reading and I really miss a library. Want to get her more books Insha Allaah when I find a way!

We practiced letters M, T, t and letter raw in Arabic

Also made the book of L this week and she wrote the letter L without tracing.

Montessori Activities
Closing and Opening Bottles
She really enjoyed this and she was using these bottles and cooking the whole day.

I asked her to arrange the bottles according to their sizes. And taught her the diffrence between glass and plastic.

She cuts and cuts and few days ago she cut her fingers and it bled twice. So I really wanted to teach cutting.

Also I did not want her to aimlessly cut and cut. So I decided I better train her to cut something proper. So I drew big squares and made her cut along the lines. She did well masha Allaah and I want to do more practice on this Insha Allaah.

Making Words
We made words like "Create,Jinn, Make, did etc ..

MEP Maths
Masha Allaah progressing well. Insha Allaah will give you a bit more details on this book and the activities we do separately on another post soon.

You must be wondering why I have not done enough Arabic. Main reason is I am waiting for some text books as I need books as guide for Arabic. I want to use Madeenah books as I have done masha Allaah years ago these books but am yet to see the kids version and I want to do it with Maimoonah but these books are not available over here. Insha Allaah soon I want to buy through the net at least. But meanwhile we read all of the Arabic first books throughout the week and she is familiar with all those words masha Allaah. These books I printed out some time back may be when she was around 1 and half years old and we have been reading since then. Till I get the books will do some activities from A Muslim Child is Born and Yemen Links Insha Allaah in the coming weeks.

That's the summary. I need a favour from sisters who read this and have experience please let me know if I am missing out anything for this age or if I am doing something inappropriate Insha Allaah. Any naseehah is welcome to achieve what is good Insha Allaah!


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,

Masha'Allaah! You do so much masha'Allaah tabarak Allaah! I also didn't know that Darul Kitab has books about the anbiya....oh I must go take a look insha'

Jazakillahu Khayr dear sis! and please pass my salams and a hug to Maimoonah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam dear sis Umm An Nu'man,

Masha Allaah, but I really do not think I do so much smiles. Any way I hope all what I do benefits Insha Allaah. I think Daarul Kitab only put out Adam alaihissalaam on the Prophets series. She said she wants to do more titles, but not sure if she has done. Have to check out when I visit her next time may be soon Insha Allaah!

Maimoonah keeps talking about you these days sis. She says I want Aunty Umm An Nu'man to come to Maimoonah's house. and she goes on and on ... : ) Gave her your hug!! Jazzakillaah Khayr sis for everything!

umm muhammad said...

salaam alaikum sis
MashaALlah you are doing a wonderful job with your daughter, Allah reward you greatly ameen! You cover so much and are soo organized, I need tips inshaAllah!

UmmSara said...

assalamu alaikum,

Very nice set of activities mashaAllah.
She must be a very good student, tell her that please : )

Regarding cutting: what kind of scissors does she use? My kids started using child scissors about 6 months ago and it was easy to hold and cut. Ibrahim did use big scissors but we were afraid that he would hurt himself.
We initially started with shapes (I made tracing worksheets of different shapes, they would first trace, color then cut). Ibrahim does quite well as his hand motor skills are more developed by now. But Sarah is little small, first she learned how to hold the scissors, now she cuts easily but not properly. I think it is ok for now. Last week she started cutting straight lines, small squares etc by herself. They also do lot of cutting out different things from their coloring books.
And sometimes if they can't cut properly I just say it is OK but next time try to be careful and pay attention.

Arabic: as far as I know you live in a place where people speak Arabic right? Don't they have good Arabic books for kids? or don't they have Arabic learning Programs?

If you are talking about Madina Arabic Reader book, it is not for preschool age kids. We have book 1, we use some of the materials from the book, but as I said it is not intended for kids of small age. Some of my friends from Arabic speaking countries left some books for us and they are good to work with if you have all the series from preschool to upper levels.
For now we take materials from everywhere: blogs, sites, books, friends, vocabulary cards(mostly) etc.
If you find a nice book for preschool age kids, please let us know too inshaAllah : )

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam sis Umm Sara,

Yes indeed she is a good student but she has her moods too : )

I gave her the child scissors (plastic) when she was about 2 years and she learnt to cut. few months ago I gave her the normal scissors small in size as I noticed she was loosing interest in cutting as the child scissors were actually sometimes not cutting properly. With the normal scissors she learnt pretty well and started cutting everything all the time. Now I see her cutting lines and making some effort to cut something proper masha Allaah. But need more practice Insha Allaah!

Yes we live in a country where Arabic the official language, but you get more ex pats that Arabs here. And majority are Asians who speak different languages. Actually am looking for a good Arabic teacher who can help with this, still could not get one and talk about books here! I just do not know from where I can get some good books in this country Qadarallaah Masha Allaah! You have no lending library any where here, subhanallaah!

Any way am always looking out for some contacts over here where I can reach for Arabic teachers or books Insha Allaah.

Yes I know Madeenah books are not for Pre School but at least I will have a guide Insha Allaah and she can use it as she grows. That's why I want to keep those books with me.

Yes sure Insha Allaah will let you know if I get anything and please do let me know if you come across anything interesting Insha Allaah!

Jazzakillaah Khayr sis for taking the time to share things with me and for your kind naseehah. May Allaah bless you and your family, Aameen.

Reja Nadeem said...

Salaam, just came across your blog and am so inspired to teach my own preschooler all this. Just curious, how old was your daughter when you did these activities? She must be a lot older now mashallah :) How old was she when you started the preschool curriculum? Jazakillah

Umm Maimoonah said...

Sister Reja Alaikum salaam. My daughter was 3 years old when we did these activities. And now she is 8 Alhamdulillaah. She was also 3 when we started the preschool curriculum. Baarakallaah feekum

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