Tuesday, 18 October 2011

An Appreciation!

Assalaamu Alaikum warahmathullaah Ya Akhwaat,

There is one person very well known to all the home schooling Muslim Ummis all over the world. And no matter what I am sure bi idhnillaah all of us will find something or the other that would save us time and give us information from this person. She is a Muslimah with a generous heart who has done and is still doing a wonderful job to help us.

We do not want to talk too much about her right now as we do not want to mention her now.

But we want to appreciate her hard work, encourage her, say a Big Jazzakilllaah Khayr and Thank You.

We want to appreciate her not alone but with the help of all of you out there. If we have the sisters contributing just US $ 15 - 20  each we would have a considerable amount to show her this appreciation even though we feel for sure that this could not be made equal to her services for all of us and our kids.

So those who wish to be part of this small gesture and would like to contribute please do lets us know by the first week of Dhul Hijjaah (latest by the 3rd of November 2011) by leaving a comment on any of our blog posts (islomiyoila.blogspot.comummiscircle.blogspot.com umm-adam.blogspot.comummmaimoonahrecords.blogspot.com) and sending an email to ummmaimoonah@gmail.com with details of your contribution and your place of residence so that we can get back to you as to the mode of contribution Insha Allaah.

We will be transparent on this Insha Allaah. We will let you all know the total collected and how this would reach the sister and etc etc. Minimum amount of contribution should be US $ 15 -20 and you are more than welcome to contribute more.  

You can contribute any amount you wish to towards this Insha Allaah!

Please be kind enough to pass this message to all your contacts who benefit and whom you think would like to be part of this Insha Allaah. Also please be free to post this message on your blogs Insha Allaah.

We hope to meet our target and benefit the sister who benefits all of us without any expectation and for the sake of Allaah alone.

Please be free to contact us on ummmaimoonah@gmail.com for any further information or clarification Insha Allaah!

Jazzakumullaah Khayr wa Barakallaah Feekum

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