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Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 4

Islaamic Studies
  • Pillars of Islaam - We learnt the Pillars of Islaam using the TJ resources. We used the  pillars poster with the Hadeeth of Ibn Umar Radhiyallaahu anhuma. We pasted on our Islaamic Studies Book and memorised the Hadeeth in Arabic and English.

Then I read and explained to her the Hadeeth of Jibreel alaihissalaam. She was very interested masha Allaah. We are making a scrap book for the 5 pillars of Islaam and each week we will do accordingly and try to finish the whole scrap book when we do finish the 5 pillars Insha Allaah!. So this week she decorated the first page with pillars. 

  • Shahaadah - We learnt the first pillar of Islaam. We used all TJ materials for this as well. We pasted the Shahaadah poster and learnt the Shahaadah in Arabic and English. Then we learnt the 7 conditions of the Shahaadah. I did not go into detail here as I felt this would be a continuing study and she would learn each year a little deeper. So for now she learnt the Arabic and the English Conditions. I made a worksheet on Shahaadah and she did that as well. I also used the scrapbook material and asked her to do this pasting activity on Shahaadah.

And the scrap book page for shahaadah and salaah she refused to do : ( so I let go. May be later when she is interested!!

  • Salaah - Yet again we used TJ resources for Salaah as well. This topic will be covered again later in this curriculum as it is important and needs to be repeated as I did not have enough time and Insha Allaah after few months she will be old enough to understand many things. So this will be an initial introduction to many things.

She learnt the names of the 5 daily prayers and the ruling of it being Fard, obligatory and we used the TJ worksheets to identify the names of the salaah in Arabic. This was a good practice for her as she is learning to read Arabic through the Iqra book. with little help she could identify each salaah and circle them as I asked her. 


Then we used the Learning Roots What next cards and learnt the Salaah times. This pack is indeed beneficial and make things very easy. Only few things I noticed so far, one is the picture of the position of making sajda the two feet are not together,and the adkhaar said in salaah the opening supplication and the obligatory dua after Tashahhud which is protection from the 4 things are not included and I hope it would be corrected and included in the next edition Insha Allaah. I explained the timings and asked her to put them in order.

Then I asked her to draw the sky for each salaah timing on her book. Next we learnt about the Number of Rakaah for each salaah and she did this TJ worksheet. I wrote the names of the salaah on the space provided and asked her to match the correct answer.


Then we went through the positions of Salaah. We used the Learning Roots cards again and I asked her to put them in order and asked her to show me by demonstrating the positions. We have done this before as well.

Then we randomly went through the Adhkar recited during each rakah using the cards. Insha Allaah I hope to make her memorise these over the period of time and when we do repeat this topic under Fiqh section of the SK curriculum she would be familier with them Insha Allaah!

I explained to her the number of rakaah and these worksheets from TJ, we will do it later as I feel she has not comprehended the rakah issue still, even though she prays two and three rakah.

English Language
  • Jolly Phonics - She wrote and coloured these letters and learnt the sounds.

  • Grammar  - We learnt Prepositions this week. Alhamdulillaah she is enjoying these little Grammar books and loves the sticker pasting activities. Now she can identify verbs and preposition in a sentence masha Allaah.

  • Spelling and Vocabulary - We did not learn any new words this week for both of these instead we used the last three weeks words and made sentences. I asked Maimoonah to tell me the meanings of the Vocabulary words and also asked her to write on the board small sentences and we practised spelling.
  • Comprehension - I wrote a small story based on salaah and asked her some questions and she answered. This time I used her notebook and she liked the difference.

Social Studies/Science
  • Living and Non Living Things  - We used the Living and Non Living things free unit study to learn about this topic. When you are a member you get some free stuff every now and then from this site. We wrote down the characteristics of the Living and the Non living things and I gave her the old magazines and asked her to cut and paste them. She did only the non living things and said will do the living things cutting and pasting later : ) We also did the activities on the Smart Start Science book


  • Air and Wind - We learnt about Air and Wind using the Encyclopaedia 


We also did the activities on the Science Book. It had a small activity asking the child to take a bag tie and then use the pencil and put a whole and then see what happens... How the air goes out. She really enjoyed the activity, then she had to answer the questions on the book.


We also did an experiment to see which items touches the ground fast if put down from a high place, to understand floating air. I gave her a flat sheet of paper,  paper rolled up like a ball and an inflated balloon. Oh this was fun for her. Just taking things and dropping was fun!! I could not take a picture on this as it so happened too fast and all my pictures were showing something else. I used this link for all this.

To learn about Moving air we did the bouncing snake activity from the same link above. Will upload the pictures on this later Insha Allaah.

Then we did another experiment from here. We took a glass bottle and put the balloon on it.

Then kept the bottle inside a jar and poured boiling water.

Oh, suddenly the balloon got bigger and bigger and Maimoonah was jumping up and down!!

Just explained to her that air or gas expands when heated and since there is no room in the bottle the air tries to go out of the bottle and pumps the balloon.

We did MEP only one lesson this week as her interest this time was on addition!! Oh yeah, additions!! Masha Allaah with all the inputs from the sisters I was pretty calm this week and everything went well. I used both methods, Glenn Doman and usual manupulative method. I gave her these equations and gave her these cute baskets made out of wood which I bought from a local stationery shop some time back. I told her whatever you know (this is from what she has learnt through Glenn Doman's) just write the answer, what you do not know use these little baskets to count. Oh, she really loved doing these additions with these baskets. I think this made a big difference and masha Allaah she could do it independently!



  • Madeenah Arabic - We learnt ذلك , و Insha Allaah will continue with this next week as well.


  • Gateway to Arabic - We learnt how to write ب properly.


Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaiki

I'm sorry for the late reply- I haven't been feeling too great.
I read this post when you first did it.
Lovely work you guys! Please tell Maimoonah that I am proud of her. May Allaah give you and your family success in this life and the next Ameen

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Suhailah,

Jazzakillaah Khayr for all the lovely words as usual. Will tell Maimoonah, she would love the compliment! Aameen for dua.

I hope you become well soon, and its not anything serious. Left some skype message seems like you did not get. Please do let me know if I can do something Insha Allaah! Take Care

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