Sunday, 25 March 2012

All about Plants!

Since we had exposure to the agriculture exhibition last week we decided to learn about plants this week which  is also a topic in the Kindergarten Curriculum.

The facts we learnt about are:
  • Seeds
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Trees
  • Parts of the Plants
  • Life Cycle of a Plant
  • What does each part do
  • Where do Plants Grow
  • What do plants need
  • Uses of Plants

The Resources we used for this are as follows:
We started with the Encyclopedia reading and looking at all the pictures. We read about Plants and Trees.


Since we have already studied about the Life Cycle of the Plant and parts of the plants this was a good revision. Maimoonah did the activities of Smart Start Science book and the Super Teacher Worksheets. 


Next we learnt What Do Each part of the plant do? We used the Super Teacher Fact sheet for this.


Then we examined the indoor plant we had at home. She looked for the roots, stem and the leaves and described what each part would do like storing food, making food and supporting the plant.


Then we studied about the seed. And I used this Montessori Cards and Maimoonah matched the seeds and the plants.


 We learnt about Fruits and Vegetables and how some vegetables we eat are sometimes roots of the plant and sometimes leaves and sometimes flowers. These activities were done using Smart Start Science books.


Then we learnt what would plants need to grow well.


We talked about the uses of plants and how Merciful Allaah is. We also watched a you tube video on how rubber is made.


Reminded Maimoonah about the Aayah "Do you not see what you sow.Is it you that make it grow, or are We the Grower?" We discussed how great Allaah is and this is indeed a sign of His existence, no matter what even if you have water, air and sunlight, if Allaah does not will then the plant will not grow. We also discussed the story of the two gardens mentioned soorah Kahf. 

We have planted Ajwa Dates sometime back. Maimoonah and her Abi were engaged in doing this project and they took care of it well. They germinated the seeds and planted them. Here are some of the pics that we took that time.


After few weeks this is how it was grown.

Now it looks something like this, its time to plant it outdoors but we have no place, I am not sure what Abu Maimoonah would do.

Finally we read these two cute books (Maimoonah loves them) all about plants and gardens. Maimoonah is waiting to go and see her Grandma's Garden back at home and she wants to help her with gardening Insha Allaah! My mum has a nice garden and she loves gardening and keeps it beautiful too.



Homeschool Diary said...

Asalamualaikum sister,
wow date plants...the most exotic thing we've planted are corriander! Sad to hear how you have no outdoor space for planting it on- not even in a big pot by the front door?

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam sister

Oh front door is all inside apartment life : ) any way Abu Maimoonah says he will talk to the gardeners around and try and get permission to plant Insha Allaah! Hope this works.

Shelley said...

Where may I purchase the Smart Start Science books? They look like they would be perfect for my 3 boys.

Thank you,

Umm Maimoonah said...


These books are no more but I saw an alternative set by the same publishers. Please check this link

hope this helps!

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