Monday, 19 March 2012

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 20

Islaamic Studies
  • Seerah - The First Migration to Abyssinia. We learnt the reasons for Migration, the permission for Migration, the King Najjashi, about how well Ja'fer bin Abee Taalib radhiyallaahu anhu spoke about Islaam to the king, the prostration of the Quraish after hearing soorah Najm, the rumors of the Quraish becoming Muslims, the return of some to Makkah from Abyssinia and then the Muslims Migration to Abyssinia again. All this could be found in this worksheet (Maimoonah's Exam Papers : ) She really enjoyed these Exam Papers and did most of it without me sitting next to her. She loved the fact that she had to refer her world fact book and answer the questions about Abyssinia and did pretty well with confidence. 


  • Fiqh - We finsihed the unit study on Manners of Eating. We read it and after that I asked Maimoonah to tell some of the manners she has learnt and wrote on the board. Then asked her to copy on her book and gave her some stickers to decorate. Here is the finished work.


English Langauge
  • Jolly Phonics - We went through the High Frequency Words list on Jolly Phonics and I just checked her out if she could read all without any problems and write many as well with the correct spellings.
  • Grammar  - Question Words and Answers. Additionally we also learnt the Arabic terms for the question words.




  • Writing - Manners of Eating

Science /Social Studies
  • Pollution - We learnt all about Pollution. We used this link to learn about it and after which we used some of the information and made a summary and pasted on the book. She also did the online quiz at the end of the lesson. This was altogether a new topic and she learnt for the first time things like "cigarette" and "Ozone". I did not go into details but just explained as it is. We learnt what is pollution? What do we see, hear and smell?, How is the world polluted? And as a Muslim what should you do to prevent Pollution? She also did some activities on the Smart Science Book.



  • MEP- Year 1 - We did the next activity page still about > , < , = and in different methods and ways making the student think.


  • We are concentration more on learning to read as per this post.
  • Qur'aan Centre Activities  - We started Soorah An Naas

  • Colours - We have almost finished with the Colours Unit. And it was a nice way of learning to write. I have kept one activity to do in between as she was now getting a bit bored writing. 

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