Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Maimoonah Learns to Recycle and Reuse!

Continuing with our Kindergarten Curriculum we had to learn about Recycle this week. So these are the resources we used for the study

We really love this Book Zainab and Zakariya Learns to recycle. I was so thankful that I had this book to teach Maimoonah this topic. Maimoonah read the book and I used only this book to explain the whole process. May Allaah reward sis Fehmida for putting out such a book for our kids. Aameen.


So we first learnt how is paper made using this wonderful sequencing cards from our sister Umm An Nu'man. Then I asked Maimoonah to explain to me how paper is made and then paste the cards in order in her book.

We used the Smart Ark Recycle worksheet along with the other two colouring sheets and learnt the definition of Recycling and the items that could be recycled. 

She coloured the pictures. I asked her to find some things in the house that could be recycled.

Then used the Muslim Child is Born worksheet and she wrote down the things that could be recycled.

We used some of the resources from sis Umm Tafari's Unit Study and learnt how we could Reduce, recycle, Reuse. May Allaah reward sister Umm Tafari for this beneficial Unit Study! We learnt about what Allaah says to Muslims about not wasting things and looking after His planet. And Maimoonah enjoyed doing these worksheets from the unit. I was pretty pleased as she could do both of the worksheets totally on her own.

We also completed the Smart Start Science Books activities on Recycle and Reuse.



We used You Tube and watched how cans, plastics, and paper are recycled and reused and how compost bin is done. We also watched how paper could be recycled at home and tried it.

The directions for this you can find it at the bottom of the page as dictated by Maimoonah. I actually asked her to tell me the whole process after we did and I wrote on the board and later asked her to copy on her book but she refused to write so I wrote for her. 




Here is what we did!

This tells how Maimoonah recycled paper at home!

 That was it, and we enjoyed the whole learning session and Maimoonah leant how to recycle along with Zainab and Zakariyah!

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Mendy said...

Assalamualaykuum, I was wondering where can I get the sequencing cards? May I please have the link to the resource? Thank you.

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