Tuesday, 15 May 2012

All About Me!

I had this Lap Book Templates printed out a year ago I guess but now was the right time to do this with Maimoonah as she could complete most of it independently and her understanding is also age appropriate for this All About Me Lapbook. I did not use all the templates just chose the relevant ones only. 

It was a very nice experience actually knowing my daughter. This Lapbook helped me understand her more and taught me how much little kids understand things when basics are taught constantly. I was actually very proud of her All Praise be to Allaah alone as all her answers were instant answers and showed pure fitra subhanallaah. May Allaah increase this Fitra with time to come and keep her upon this till this end, Aameen. She is grown but still innocent with a very strong firm personality upon Tawheed Allaahu Baarik Lahaa!

We used the large Cornflakes Box for the lap book. We had an old wrapping paper and covered the box and folded it into two and this is the front cover of the Lapbook.

 This is the Back Cover of the Lap Book.

I gave her to decorate the mirror and write the title. And she did a nice job.

The inside of the lapbook looks like this.

 Now for the details.

She wrote all her personal details here (Myself, Me and I) including an imaginary email address with gmail!

She wrote some of her favourite things.

I must mention this, I asked her what is your favourite restaurant? She immediately said Gulf Paradise Hotel. We happen to live there for few days and she was only 2 years and 3 months at that time. She loved that place especially because the birds used to make noises and wake her up she was so happy! And she loved their breakfast and all the attention she got there with a variety. And up until now that is her only favourite restaurant even though she had been to many other places. 

I told her to get old magazines and cut out pictures of some of her favourite things she would love to have and what she already has. Then she pasted them on this "Few of My favourite Things" book.


Then she wrote details about her house, room, with an imaginary pet called bunny : ) And so heart warming thing was she had to write in a small booklet " My Heart Belongs to ...... " She did not think even for quarter of a second she said Allaah and wrote. This is indeed pure fitra! No one taught her this except her Lord.

Then she wrote how she spends her free time.

And what she would want to do when she grows up inshaa Allaah!

The Time Line!

 Little details about where she lives! She used the world fact book to record the information.

She wrote her favourite books and the authors names. 


Her schedules.

She drew her family.

Interesting part was this sweet interview! 

And I loved this more than anything else Subhanallaah!


All answers are written as she dictated. The Jannah details are fresh for her because she on and off reads the Darul Kitab My Little Book of Jannah and what she told me were the exact words written on the book.

Finally traced both her hands and we cut and pasted on the back cover of the lapbook and she wrote!

Nice experience Innal Hamdalillah!

Here are some other homeschooling kids' All About Me Lapbooks. It was nice to see different children doing the same thing!


Umm Khadeeja said...

Asalaamu alaikum sis,

ah great mashAllah! Do you know what would be fun.....to get the kids to repeat this lapbook in a couple of years time inshallah so they can see how they have changed mashAllah!


Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam sis Umm Khadeeja, Yes that would be a nice idea, but knowing Maimoonah she does not like to repeat anything : ) May be if we can find another version may be an advanced one it would be nice to try it out! Jazzakillaah Khayr for dropping by sis!

ummsumayya said...

Ah i remember seeing this. MashaAllah what a nice book!!! And well done on answers Maimoonah. Will wait a little longer for our Safiyya grow a bit more to try this out inshaAllah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Jazzakillaah Kahyr sis Umm Sumayya,It will be nice to see what little safiyya has to say all a about her.

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