Sunday, 10 June 2012

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 27 & 28

Islaamic Studies
  • Seerah - Sahaabah - We used this and this and learnt about the Merits of the Sahabah and recorded. She learnt the defenition of the Sahabi, the difference between Muhaajir and the Ansar, and the Traits of the Sahabah. After I told her who a sahabi is I asked her to name a female sahabiya and a male sahabi. She said "Maimoonah bint Al haarith and Umar bin Al Khattab". : )It was nice to know that she remembers Ummahaathul Mu'mineen and the 10 promised Jannah! 


We also read and discussed the Darul Kitab book on "In the way of the Sahabah". Explained to her the difficulties each one of them went through for the sake of Islaam, and how they fought for the sake of Allaah, the noble chatrcters they possessed and that they were the best of people after the Prophets and the Messengers. And that they are our role models and we should try to be like them Inshaa Allaah! 


  • Grammar - We did Past and Present tense.




  • Grammar  - We also learnt about Gerunds and she did the activities. (one activity had something about a witch a crooked man, so refused to do that )




  • Spelling and Writing  - She does not like dictation to be written on the book. And I have not done any formal spelling lessons with her. So I just tried the Jolly Phonics words with her. First I asked her to read all the words on the page and she could read all of them without a problem. Then I said we will play a spelling bee game and this was interesting for her. I randomly picked up words and asked her to write on the whiteboard. I was surprised that she actually knew the spellings for most of the words, mostly through reading I guess!!! This way was fun! As usual made her win the game!!!


  • MEP - Subtraction. She is a little slow is subtracting, I guess as she is used to addition more. Also still did not teach her minus values Inshaa Allaah, will have to introduce the number line as suggested by sister Umm Sumayya so that she will understand Inshaa Allaah!


  • We continued with Flashing the cards and reading. This time it was a hide and seek game. The person hides the face and shows the card and if read correctly then you seek for the hidden face. You can imagine the giggles right!! But the job got done! New sets of cards as well as the old ones were read without a fuss!

  • Verbs - we are still continuing with verbs. This week I took out an Arabic Reading book and asked her to read and identify the verbs. she was good!



Homeschool 4 Muslims said...


sister can you tell me more about these arabic flash cards, did u buy them or made them? and if you made them can you share the file. Also the arabic reading book pictured at end, can you tell me their name and name of publisher etc. I am living in South Africa and really struggling to get early readers kind of arabic books.



Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam sis Umm Ahmed,

The Arabic Flash cards are from Learning Roots "Word Flow. Here is the link

South Africa has a local Agent and they are very good Maashaa Allaah you can contact them and they will deliver for you. The helped me deliver to a friend in South Africa and were very helpful!


5 Penguin Avenue, Ext 1,
1827, Gawteng
South Africa
Tel: 082 800 0071

as for the Arabic book sis, subhanallaah I too have the same problem. I got this book at the Doha International Book fair 2 years back. they are Egyptian books and I regret I did not buy the whole set as when I go searching fro the rest of titles I cannot find Qadarallaah Maashaa Allaah!

The Name of the series is called "انا اقراو صرت افهم"

It has 8 titles. The one I have is called "رامى فى البيت"

This is a link that I found some online book
I have not used all of them yet. But nice books for early readers.

Hope this helps sister!

ummsumayya said...

Oh that reminds me I still didnt get my Darul Kitab books. I emailed them using the mail address you gave awhile ago and none got back to me. I notice their website has been down for sometime as well. Do you know of a contact/distributor in the UK who might help me? I knew a sister through IHSAN who is no longer selling them but mashaAllah they are such excellent resource. I desperately want to have them every time I see a new title in your blog lol. InshaAllah let me know sis. JazakAllah khayr

Umm Maimoonah said...

Umm Sumayya, I emailed the sister at Darul Kitab today inquiring about your mail. Inshaa Allaah she will get back to me or I will call her and find out inshaa Allaah! The sister does this by herself and is busy with many things, so she takes some time to reply but she will reply Inshaa Allaah! Any way will follow up and keep you posted. Baarakallaah Feekum! Yes indeed the whole set is a must at every household!!! Helps me a lot with teaching, May Allaah reward them. Aameen!

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