Monday, 25 June 2012

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 29 & 30

Islaamic Studies
Fiqh - Dua and etiquettes of Dua. We used the Tj Dua Unit Study for this. Explained to her the difference between "Want" and "need". Asked her to mention some "Wants and Needs and I wrote them down.

Then we went through each want and need and identified who can give her each one of them. And made her understand that while Abi and Ummi can give few of the things she needs and wants it is only Allaah who can give her everything and even what Abi and Ummi can give her is only given by Allaah. And we should ask Him alone , all what we want and need.

We learnt the etiquttes of asking dua. We also revised the Asmaaul Husna and discussed which attribute could be used for each dua.

I told her the story of the three in the cave, that they were trapped and they asked Allaah dua to help them by mentioning the good deeds. And asked her to mention some of the good deeds she has done and that she could use to make dua.

We pasted the etiquettes of Dua review sheet on the Islaamic Studies Book.

We read all the Darul Kitaab Learn About Series Books on Dua.


  • Grammar -  Continuous and Perfect Tense




  • Grammar - Contractions



  • Reading - We started reading "The Treasure Island" She can read but she wanted me to read aloud every day each chapter. 

  • We have not finished the book yet. But this book has given her a very new understanding about the world she is living in. For the first time she is reading about Pirates, killing each other, fighting with each other and so on. She had many many questions and I can feel that she is beginning to understand that people are different. 
  • She also wanted to know about the author of the book and she was pretty confused that he lived and wrote this book 100 years ago. She also wanted to know whether there are any Muslim Pirates? I explained the hadeeth of Allaah, "A believer who drinks khamr is not a believer while he is drinking khamr, a believer who steals is not a believer while stealing." So she is learning. I was not too sure if these kind of stories were good to give her to read, but I also thought she must know these things and it is better that she knows this from me first. I keep telling her that we understand the evil so that we will try to protect ourselves from that evil.



She did the smart start science book activity on weather.

She did the worksheets on weather words and weather pictures. 

She used an old magazine and cut some of the clothes that are used during different weather conditions and pasted them accordingly. Also We did a weather Graph for the month of May. I looked up on the internet and told her the past month's recorded weather for the city and asked her to mark on the graph. This is the first time she learnt how to mark on the graph and what a graph is all about. She did well.

We also revised the dua to be told during different weather conditions, examples rain, thunder, storm, etc etc.

  • MEP - Year 1 - Maimoonah can understand and do additions now without much of a problem. But I noticed that she is struggling a little with subtractions. If I give her problems to solve she could tell easily but with equations she is getting confused. So I used the marbles this time and kept explaining to her the concept of  minus. Asked her to write an equation and then also gave her the marble and asked her to demonstrate to me the the equation. 



We also together did this MEP activities.


Since we did about heat, I took the opportunity to make her understand the -1, -2 on the number line.

  • Reading - We took out some Arabic First Books and read. Since the letters are big and clear she could read them and then did some activities on them.


Maimoonah is growing Maashaa Allaah and I am finding it difficult to get her to bed at night, as she has so many things to do lol and which is very normal at this age. I sometimes get so annoyed that she takes so much of my time just trying to go to bed. So since we got her a copy of the Noble Qur'aan , I thought it would be better that I make the Qur'aan and Bed Time Story Book and also gives me an opportunity to revise something with her. She was more than happy and Alhamdulillaah gets ready to go to bed faster than before. The deal is if she gets to bed fast I read more, if she takes her own cool time my reading is less. She has requested me that I read Soorah Baqarah with the meaning every night. So I read one soorah from Juzz Amma that she has memorised and I ask her to recite the Arabic and I read the meaning and the explanation given. Then I read one page of Soorah Baqarah each night with meaning and explanation. So far so good Alhamdulillaah!


umm K said...

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah!

I like the idea of discussing the meaning / tafseer of Qur'an before bed ta barakAllah....this would be nice all cuddled up cosy in bed alhamdulillah, and help give them a love of learning and reading the Qur'an! I might try this myself rather than just reading a story book at bedtime! JazakAllah khayr for sharing ukhtee!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah Umm Khadeeja

Wa iyyaaki ukhtee. Its going really well maashaa Allaah. She loves me reading the Qur'aan to her and subhanallaah it has helped me benefit a great deal too. plus it has become easier for me remind the words of Allaah when she does something not correct and she remembers it too. Insha Allaah hope it would be the same for you all!

Umm Adam An-Norwigiyah said...

Assalaamu alaikum dear uhktee,

Masha Allah, its all so wonderful! Tabarakillah!
This brought me so many good ways to introduce and teach and aid my children on these different subjects, inshaa Allah I will note them and use them!
And great idea about bedtime, will inshaa Allah try this with Adam as well assp, having the same case here with all he has got to do before bed.. *smile*

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Adam.
Maashaa Allaah! Hope and pray everything goes well for you all. Love to see the little ones. May Allaah be with all of you. Missing you all!

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