Sunday, 3 June 2012

Materials / Magnet

We learnt about Different Materials. We used the Encyclopaedia and read about different types of Materials, like metals, glass, plastic and so on.


We used the Smart Start Science Book and did the activities on Materials. I asked her to find different items made with different Materials around the house.


This was so much one. She really enjoyed all the activities and kept experimenting for sometime even after we finished this lesson.

We used the encyclopaedia and learnt about Magnets.

I asked her to read the above and find all the things she can see on it and collect on the tray.

Then I asked her to write down the items she collected on the book. Before doing the experiment, I asked her to think and tell if those items she has written were Magnetic or Non Magnetic. I wrote the answers she told me on the side. Then I let her experiment and right down the correct answers.

She did the Activities on the workbook.


We also used the DK worksheets which could be downloaded here to learn something more on Magnets. We learnt that there are many shapes of Magnets available.

She did the worksheet while experimenting.


We also learnt that Magnet Attracts and Repels. This was really fun for her. Taught her the North Pole and the South Pole and she did the activities.

And Finally we learnt that Magnets are Forceful and she was checking which magnet was stronger and forceful out of the magnets she had.

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