Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ramadhaan Activities 2012 - Days 17 - 20

Ramadhaan Verbs
I was suprised Maimoonah could read the verbs well Alhamdulillaah. Arabic drilling has paid off by the permission and mercy of Allaah. I know lot more to go, but I now notice that she is ready to learn more on Arabic and loves it this way. So we got to do more next year Inshaa Allaah. She did all the activities on the Ramadhaan Verbs.

Umrah in Ramadhaan
It was only last year we were blessed to perform Umrah in Ramadhaan and this activity brought back wonderful memories Maashaa Allaah. She did the cut and paste activity. Remembered all what we did last year and how we spent the last 10 days in Makkah. Discussed about the merits of making Umrah during Ramadhaan.

Laylathul Qadr
We used the TJ powerpoint presentation on Laylathul Qadr and learnt about it. Read soorah Qadr and the meaning and discussed about the signs of the Night of Decree, and memorized the dua to be said on that night and the things we can do to earn the pleasure of Allaah.

She painted this picture. We used crayons and water colour pencils.

Taraaweeh/Qiyaamul Layl
She has been praying Taraaweeh every night from day one of Ramadhaan Alhamdulillaah. So we spoke about the Qiyaam of the Messenger of Allaah sallaahu Alaihiwasallaam and the manner it should be prayed and the reward for it. Discussed about the number of Rakah.

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