Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ramadhaan Activities 2012 - Days 21 - 27

We have been busy with the last 10 days thus this a late update on our Ramadhaan Activities so far.

Ramadhaan Charity Shop
She really really enjoyed this Alhamdulillaah. This Ramadhaan she has been very active in giving Charity and really loves doing it. And this activity was so much fun for her. We used the Ramadhaan Activity Pack Template and an old shoe box and made this Charity shop.

We used the Smart Ark Charity Shop Cards and filled the shop.

Then I asked her to write the price list. She wrote the items and the price. Then each one of us visited her shop and bought things and paid her. She wrote down the amount each customer paid. She added the price and told us the total we should pay her. You can see her here doing mathematics in her shop!

Ummi, Abi and Maimoonah visited her shop and bought things. And the shop was empty end of the day!

This was the collection end of the day and Inshaa Allaah she will put this in her small charity purse she made and give to a little girl who is in need Inshaa Allaah! 


Ramadhaan Around the World
She marked all the continents, oceans and the countries. Using the World fact book coloured the Muslim Countries on the map. She chose to write and Morocco and we found some interesting facts about Morocco and Ramadhaan and Eid there and recorded them. We looked at some pictures of the food and dress in Morocco during Eid and Ramadhaan.



A day of Fasting
We recorded the time and what she did.

Thanking Parents
We used the Darul Kitab Our Parents book. I told her to read on her own and then write all what her parents do for her and what she does for them.


Then she wrote this cute Thank You Note to her Abi!

Zakaatul Fitr
Explained the hadeeth and the reason that we give Zakaatul Fitr. We spoke about the items given as Zakaatul Fitr, the saa, the mudd and when it should be given. We used this link to know more about Zakaatul Fitr. Then she completed the activity.


ummsumayya said...

MashaAllah, how wonderful. Well done Maimoonah and massive jazakAllah khayr for lovely Ramadan activity packs. We are yet to finish the 2nd pack but inshaAllah will work through it slowly.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Thanks for the kid words sister! Wa iyyaaki. Maimoonah really enjoyed all the activities. Hope you all enjoyed too!

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