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School Year 2012/2013 - Books & Resources

This is a post about all the Resources we would be using for the next school year Inshaa Allaah for each subject. As you know we would be following the Cambridge Curriculum for main subjects. You can read about our Primary Curriculum here Inshaa Allaah.

Islaamic Studies
As I mentioned here before I will not be using any particular text book for Islaamic Studies. Main book we would do will be Usooluth Thalaathah. And the rest of the topics will be same as mentioned in the above post.

So the books and Resources we would be using are the following

1. Sharh of Usooluth Thalaathah ( I got the Matn or the Text of Usooluth Thalaathah in Arabic online)

2. What is Towheed Work Book

3. Sharh Usooluth Thalaathah Audio by brother Aboo Sufyaan Uthmaan Beecher plus

4.  Salafyink Worksheet

5. Raheeq Al Makhtoom

5. TJ Islaamic Studies

Hifdhl/ Qur'aan
We would continue with Memorization and Learning the Tafseer. This time I will have a work box for this separately and thinking of giving her a nano ipod for listening to the soorahs. When she gets on to the PC to listen I find there are many distractions as it is she gets distracted so fast, lol! I have not bought yet, just thinking of some electronic stuff for this. Any suggestions are welcome. I will have some cards with each soorah every day Inshaa Allaah! She still needs to finish Juzz Amma, and now I feel I am also a cause for her slow progress because the time is not divided properly. Including this with day to day work makes things easier Inshaa Allaah!

1. Gateway to Arabic

2. Madeenah Arabic Book 1

3. Iqra Books for learning to Read

4. Word Flow

5.Arabic Worksheets Custom Made

As usual some of the books I have mentioned below has kufr and unislamic stuff as this is the case with all English Books. So we will try to avoid those parts and find alternatives Inshaa Allaah, already Maimoonah has told me not to teach her certain chapters.

1. Nelson Thornes Developing Non Fictions Skills Book 1

2. Nelson Thornes Developing Fiction Skills Book 1


3. Nelson English Workbook 1 (I have yet to see this book inside, if I feel its too easy then we will move on to Book 2 Inshaa Allaah)

4. Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workout (this book was given to me by a dear sister, so thought of making use of it for spelling Inshaa Allaah)

5. Write Source - A Book for Writing, Thinking and Learning (this was also given to me by the same sister. It has a step by step instruction for writing, so  think I can start this with Maimoonah which I hope will give her the guidelines for writing many things)



1. MEP Year 1

2. Nelson International Mathematics Book and Workbook 1A. 1B and 1C

3. Harcourts Maths (this one we would use for practice as another dear sister gave this book to us and its very colourful and mainly concentrates on additions and subtractions)


I could not find any Science Book to go along with the Cambridge Primary Curriculum. So I have done my own Topics and Lesson plans using the following resources.

1. Usborne First Encylopedia of Science and 2. Junior Science Book 1 will be our primary Books. (not all of the contents would be used)

3. Usborne First Encyclopedia Series (a big Thank you to the sister who sent us these as gifts all the way from Canada)

4. Science in the Kitchen and other Science reading Books  (these books were also given by the sister in Doha)

4. Rainbow Resources Science Activity Sets - I must tell all of you about Rainbow Resources especially those of you who are in the US, check out their site and there are thousands of stuff  for homeschooling subhanallaah! I just wanted all!!! The price is reasonable too especially if there is no shipping cost (within US its free if its more than some amount) With another sister in Doha we got down some nice stuff a month ago. The Science Kits I have purchased would be helpful for us with our study Inshaa Allaah.

These are some of the fun stuff and science Kits that I ordered from Rainbow Resources. Maimoonah has not seen any of them yet except for the Lego, want to make it a surprise so that I can use many of these things as Fun activities while we do the work boxes Inshaa Allaah!

These are the two workbooks we will be using.

1. Daily Geography Practice Grade 1 ( the same sister gave me this book, even though its a little easy it is good as a revision, so we will start off with this book and continue with the next one)

2. Hayes Developing Map Skills Book 1

The following books will be used along the Primary and more years to come.

3. A Child's Introduction to the World: Geography, Cultures, and People - From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall of China

4. The Everything Kids' Geography Book: From the Grand Canyon to the Great Barrier Reef - explore the world!

5. Geography from A to Z: A Picture Glossary (Trophy Picture Books)

6. The Geography Book: Activities for Exploring, Mapping, and Enjoying Your World

Fun Activities
These are some of the activities I plan to give her while using the Work Boxes this year Inshaa Allaah. Since I want her to get a bit serious with her work and finish things fast without dragging I presume Fun activities would motivate her to finish her work fast and do more work, Allaahu a'lam. Also this way all the resources I have can get used without lying inside cupboards!!

These are some stuff I got from Rainbow Resources and some that I had with me.

Straws and connectors
Round About
Boxed Loops
Brainteaser Puzzles
Toy Creator
Beads Fun
Wood Craft
Necklace Kit
Flower Light Catcher
Window Painting
Draw thumb things
Fabric Fun
Microscope Fun with a mini Microscope
Geoboard with Rubber Bands
Under Sea Play set
Car Town Play set
Knot Tying
Brian Tickling Activities
Fifteen Puzzles
Felt Scenes
Making Fruit Salad
Making Sandwiches
Invisible pen with Secret Messages
Making Glitter stickers
Play Dough
Science in the Kitchen Experiments

Book Report
Books we will be using are from the lovely books we got from Canada. Maimoonah can choose any of these books and write Book Reports during our break.( After every 6 weeks of work there will be a break of one week Inshaa Allaah)

Inshaa Allaah next look out for our Time Table!!!


umm K said...

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah!

JazakALlah khayr for posting ukhtee! This is most helpful alhamdulillah! ....I love seeing what other people are using!

I really like the look of the Write Source book you have the rest of the book like the pages you photographed? I right in thinking it is like an information book on the topic of writing for children?

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaaam Ukhtee, Its indeed a pleasure sharing just like you do :) plus it makes my mind organized Alhamdulillaah!
Yes the write Source is good. I am learning too. It has chapters teaching a child how to write from scratch. It makes the child remember what to take into account while writing. Its kind of a course, I hope you got it right. If you want I can send you pictures of more pages. They have book 1 and book 2, Alhamdulillaah the sister gifted me both. Let me know if you need more pics.

UmmSara said...

assalamu alaikum,

MashaAllah you guys have tons of materials : ) May Allah make this study year beneficial to you all!

umm K said...

wa'alaikum asalaam,

ahhh I think you and I have similar ways of working minds! lol. ....blogging helps me to keep my mind organised (and focused!) too!

If you wouldn't mind taking a couple of extra pics of the book I would appreaciate that - JazakAllah khayr! From the pages you have shown, I think it would help Khadeeja alot if the rest of the book is as I think it is inshallah!

I've searched it online and think I'll have to order it from the would be helpful to be sure first, JAzakAllah khayr.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Sara, So nice to see you after a long time over here. Aameen for your dua. Hope and pray your kids are doing well too! Maimoonah is missing them!

Umm Khadeeja, I will upload the pictures on FB today Inshaa Allaah!

Basbusa's Mama said...

Masha'Allah, you guys are going to be busy this year insha'Allah! It sounds like you've put together a fascinating curriculum for Maimoonah. Hope you both have a fantastic year insha'Allah :)

Umm Maimoonah said...

Jazzakillaah Khayr Basbusa's Mama, Thanks for all the encouragement! Yes I am indeed looking forward to learn more this year as well Inshaa Allaah!

ummsumayya said...

mashaAllah, we wish Maimoonah successful year ahead. May Allah put lots of barakah in your time and household and help to achieve all that is planned ameen. xxx

Umm Maimoonah said...

Jazzakillaah Khar Umm Sumayya. Aameen!

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