Saturday, 7 May 2011

Summary - Week 16 - Allaah gave me a Family!

Allaah Gave me a Family!

I could not post the summary because we actually took 2 weeks to complete the topic due to some maintenance work at home. We skipped many days in between.

This was a very interesting topic since we live away from family. And a good opportunity to talk about the relations back at home. Masha Allaah Maimoonah remembers most of the extended family members and this brought out memories for all of us. We discussed what a family is and who are family members. I just drew this diagram on the board and explained to her the connections.

We spoke about her Grand mothers and uncles, aunts and cousins. And I explained to her the importance of having family ties and how much Allaah and His Messenger has taught us to honor and to maintain family ties.

Then we did this Family Tree from here. We printed and Maimoonah interviewed her Ummi and Abi and I interviewd her. She looked professional while she did the interview with her father!! She asked him (of course I read out the questions to her and she repeated) "So tell me an interesting story". He said " Once a upon time Allaah gave us a beautiful good girl. We named her Maimoonah and Insha Allaah she will be a good girl". She was so thrilled with this story! So we recorded all and made this small Family tree.

Also we made this "My Family and Me" book from here. We used glitter glue and glitter and decorated. Pasted pictures and Maimoonah learnt to read. Maimoonah was very happy to use some art and craft materials after a long time.

Then we also did this craft from here. Traced the hands of the family members and we wrote on that each one special because....... Maimoonah said her Abi is special because he always loves her and her Ummi is special because she always teaches her: )

We made it like a chain and hung.

Qur'aan Memorization
She has memorized more than half of Soorah At Taariq. Little more to go. Masha Allaah as I mentioned in my last summary we are taking it easy on this due to the phase she is going through. Listening to the audio recitation everyday is doing good so far and she is getting back to her old habit of reciting even though she still does not like me correcting !!

Asmaaul Husna
We learnt 2 more names of Allaah!

Writing, Reading and Language
She was busy writing on the whiteboard with markers these days. She wrote Ummi, Abi, Maimoonah, sister family on it every now and then.

She read the book we made "My Family and Me". I was reading some of her favourite read aloud books we have.

We did these tracing and worksheet on the topic.

She also did this actions puzzle, this time many actions verb she could read independantly.

We did the next few chapters of MEP.

We learnt about parts of the day and things that are done during the day, night, noon after noon etc.

Also did the activity on days of the week

She learnt about some food and some animals that give us those food. Did lot of counting and matching. She matched the food that some animals eat.

She did these activities on the Maths Work Book.

We read the arabic first books based on Family "My Family, Our Grandfather, Our Race, Our Shop".

We included 4 more words from the word flow.

We learnt these two letters.

And now she could read this from the Iqra book

Montessori activities
Using the Tweezer

She really enjoyed this activity throughout the week. We have done this before with regiform and a big tweezer. small pom pom balls and Abi's Tweezer was something very much interesting for her this time.

We also visited the Museum and went for a Kite Festival. Insha Allaah will post the pictures soon.

PS: The Darul Kitab Give Away Winner will be announced today Insha Allaah. Please do check back in a while!


Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaikum!

I really enjoyed the post up date. Umm Maimoonah do you feel like your meeting your goals in homeschool? Is Maimoonah ever really frustrated? I know you mention her not wanting to be corrected. How are you guys handling that?

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Suhailah!

Well meeting my goals, I guess I am still not satisfied, Qadarallaah Masha Allaah! May be I should do more and get organized more. Also according to my husband I need to concentrate more on enhancing and getting the best from the Visual talent Maimoonah possess Allaahu baarik laha. He says I must use more of the technology for all subjects.

But with all this I know I am doing my best to the best of my ability and sometimes 24 hours is just not enough : ).

With Regard to Maimoonah I feel she is doing according to the input and she is enjoying the home schooling journey. Also with all this I experience lack of patience on my side and so does Maimoonah experiences different phases during this loooong journey.

The remedy for all of this is nothing but Dua. This is the only thing that makes me going as when I feel things are getting a bit stressful then I raise my hands and ask My Lord to help me. And Alhamdulillaah He has Never let me down.

So our journey continues....

Umm Suhailah said...


Have you wrote down some goals you wanted completed and by what time line? I think I should do that! Maybe it will help when you write your goals down and see it day to day.
With the visual u could use powerpoint- make ur own. Well on the outside looking in I think your doing good job Mashaa'Allaah. Let me know what visuals u use....the girls lie learning like that as well

Umm Maimoonah said...

Yes, that is the first thing I did before I even started home schooling. And before I had the curriculum it really helped me. Now before I prepare the curriculum I write down my goals. And add all the resources that I am going to use to achieve these goals into the curriculum. This really helps.

Now Alhamdulillaah the 22 weeks curriculum is coming to an end and after Ramadhaan we will start on a new school year and Maimoonah will be 4 years Insha Allaah.

So got to write down the goals for next year and work on the new school year curriculum Insha Allaah soon. At the moment am assessing Maimoonah's capabilities and trying to understand what I want to do with her for the next year Insha Allaah!

I use the TJ library power points and I have downloaded some Glenn Doman reading and encyclopaedia power points. Every now and then I use according to need. But I guess I need to incorporate multi media into the curriculum Insha Allaah I can do that with next year's lesson plans.

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