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Summary - Week 18 - Allaah Gave me Clothes

Allaah Gave Me Clothes

I think one year ago we did this theme when Sis Umm An Nu'man produced some lovely activities. So most of it we reviewed and this time Maimoonah could do her own revision as she is able to read now masha Allaah!

I explained to her that human beings need 3 essential things to survive, Food, Clothes and Shelter. And Allaah provides all of this for us. So I asked her why do you think we need clothes, She said to cover our Awrah". So discussion continued from there. We talked about different kind of clothes and whaat Muslims wear and all that. This lead us to the Darul Kitab Book on "Our Clothes" to learn more about what Allaah and His Messenger has said about clothes. We read the book. Maimoonah was reading too and we discussed the contents, like boys not wearing girls clothes, avioding figures on our clothes, Women's clothes when going out and men wearing clothes above the ankle. She was constantly saying her father "Abi men should wear clothes here okay, above the ankle nothing below". Children really wait for an opportunity to boss you : )

We read the encylopedia and learnt about cloth0e0s in different ages and clothes worn by professionals like doctors and etc.

Then we reviewed this what we pasted and learnt one year ago, Girls Clothes and Boys Clothes.

We watched few you tube videos on how they manufacture clothes. Showed her the machines they use to make these clothes, yarn and few factories. Then we got a nice vedio on Arab clothes. We learnt about different styles of thobes Qatari, Omani, Emirati, Saudi etc. Also learnt about how they make Jilbaabs.

Then we watched more videos on what people where all over the world. National costumes of different countries. She was more concerned about whether the clothes she saw were covering the awarah or not : ). She watched different styles of costumes and was pretty happy when we saw a fully covered one like the kimono of Japan. lol

Then we did this seasons and clothes matching activity from Montessori for Everyone. I pasted the seasons on her environmental studies book and asked her to cut the clothes and paste accordingly on each page. She was saying the seasons in Arabic this time to my surprise! (Circle time has done the job: )

We did few worksheets from the British Council Website on clothes.

This is a worksheet with description of clothes worn by people on the sheet and you have to identify the correct picture. She could read the description but wanted me to do it for her as she was more interested in finding out the correct picture.

Then this is another one where you use the pictures to describe your favourite clothes.

This is a worksheet on how we get dressed. She had to follow the steps and identify the pictures and at the end of the worksheet she has to match the opposite words like dress - undress and so on.

We also had another book on opposites and along with the worksheet took this opportunity to make her understand the concept of opposites. She caught it well this time.

We made this little book on "What I wear in Winter". Gave her some pics and she had to read the sentences and paste the Pictures accordingly.

Qur'aan Memorization
We are revising the old soorahs.

Asmaaul Husna
We learnt Al Haqq and Al Mubeen. pasted only Al Haqq as I need to do Al Mubeen.

This week we spoke about the right of Allaah upon His Servants. Explained to her a bit on the topic. I am not sure whether she understood the whole of it but she is able to know that the right is that we do not worship anyone other than Him.

We learnt to count 8 using fingers and some activities in MEP

Made this paper dog and played this game. I do not use the dice in MEP activities as the Messenger of Allaah has forbidden using dice I just right down the numbers randomly and ask her to close her eyes and point one number.

Reading and Writing
She read another Noddy book this week masha Allaah.

We also read this book which we made a year ago on the topic

And Allaahu Baarik Laha she has reached another mile stone in writing, Alhamdulillaah. She has started writing sentences now independently and I have not taught her phonics but she writes

She wrote this on a piece of paper...(I asked her to read it to me, here she goes "Abi is Muslim" (she has not spelt Muslim correctly though), Abi is a boy"..)

She also uses the white board every now and then and writes some funny things like "Abi is Milk" Abi is Ummi and so on and laughs!!!

She traced this

We learnt two more letters.

Also made this book from A Muslim Child is Born to go along with the topic and she did the pasting. I used Google Translator to help me with this.

Montessori Activity
Blowing Bubbles
Maimoonah has learnt to blow bubbles and enjoying every evening doing this.


Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Lol@Abi is milk- Ummi is Abi- cute! Mashaa'Allaah. Enjoyed the updates. The only Montessori you apply is practical life skills?
Maimoonah loves noddy hehe. I just realize I have a Noddy book here- this one squeaks.
Very cool that she said clothes are to cover our Awrah Al-Hamdu lillaah. Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum.
I saw what you typed about dice- can you tell me what you read. I was going to make dice one day- (the day of the action cube) and I told my husband about it having dots so the girls can count like that-and he said that there was something in Islaam that says we can't do that. Did you know the exact hadeeth? So I did the action cube instead. Thanks Umm Maimoonah for the updates Baraka'Allaah'Feekum

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah!

Hope your girls enjoys Noddy too, but if you are buying the whole series be careful some titles have magic involved!

Well Montessori I mostly prefer to do practical life skills for now as I know she needs this for her development. I have not chosen Montessori as my whole learning method so far.

Regarding Dice this is what our brother Abu Tasneem says

Aboo Moosaa Asha'ree radiyallaahu anhu reported that The Messenger of Allaah sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam said:

"He who plays with dice (or backgammon) disobeys Allaah and His Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam)"

Collected by Imaams Ahmad, Aboo Daawood, Ibn Maajah and Maalik in his Muwatta. It has an isnaad that is munqati'*, but because of some other supporting narrations from Aboo Moosaa it is strengthen to the level of hasan, inshaa Allaah.

Buraidah (radiyallaahu anhu) reported Rasoolullaah sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam as saying:

"If anyone plays with dice, it is as though he sinks his hand in the flesh of swine and its blood".

Collected Imaams Ahmad, Muslim and Aboo Daawood and it is saheeh.

It is clear from these narrations that playing with them whether gambling or not, is not permissible.

And Allaah knows best!

*In general, is a hadeeth whose link in the chain anywhere is missing, whether it is in the begining, end or middle. But some of the latter day Ulamaa of hadeeth say it is a narration whose link anywhere before the taabi'ee is missing.

for more details read this thread Insha Allaah!

UmmAdam said...

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi,

Ya Umm Maimoonah! you are too fast adding new posts now masha Allah *smile*. I have been trying to squeeze in some time to comment on the curriculum and the kindergarten post and when I went to do it I saw this one earlier on! Masha Allah, you spend your time very well uhktee! And now I just have to say great week, great job and adorable girl masha Allah. And on what I read at your blog she sure seems ready for kindergarten level insha Allah. Maybe I`ll just email you regarding the curriculum insha Allah, have just som wishes and suggestions for topics insha Allah. But not today, my parents are arriving tomorrow morning and spending the weekend with us. Insha Allah it will be nice and we get to be doing some dawah.

Jazak Allah khair for everything sister, Umm Adam

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah Umm Adam,

I mailed you the secret of adding more posts this week : )

Yes Insha Allaah please mail me, your suggestions are always welcome.

Jazzakillaah Khayr for all your lovely comments!

Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum for the proof! Had to share with my family :)

Fouziya Musaliar said...

ASSALAMUALIKUM what is the secret behind adding more posts? i just gotta know...especsialy with the amount of things Mimoonah seems to be doing...just looking at ur post make tierd forget even doing it...heheheh

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Fouziya,

Well the secret is actually I did not have to cook much for this week, hence the time spent in the kitchen was very minimum. So had time to do more work and blog more : ), No big secret any way lol

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