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Summary - Week 17 - Allaah Gave me a Healthy Body!

Allaah Gave me a Healthy Body!

I must tell you even though I have told sis Umm An Nu'man to take her time to do the mini work books we are really missing them each week, subhanallaah! I feel like I have left out a big portion from the topic without these books. But I want sis Umm An Numan to take care of her important duties first and Insha Allaah when the books are ready we will use them for revision.

We discussed that Allaah created us in the best form and He gave us a healthy body to worship Him alone. also I explained to her that a strong belever is better than a weak believer because he get's to do more ibaadah since he is strong and healthy. If you do not take care of your body and feel sick then you cannot worship Allaah like a strong healthy person. You cannot stand for a long time in prayer, you cannot recite for a long time etc etc. And I also reminded her that our body belongs to Allaah and we cannot do anything harmful to it intentionally. And we should use our parts of the body to only do good. And we also spoke about the parts of the body talking on the day of Qiyaamah.

We learnt the Body parts once again. We did this before and all details are here Insha Allaah! We went through the Lap book again and did all the activities.

We also went through all the Body parts in English and Arabic and used these cards to play a small game.

I cut out these cards from here . You have to pick up each card read the part of the body and you must tell what is the action you can do with that part of the body or for what do you use it. Both of us took turns and did this and masha Allaah she enjoyed.

We also did a tickling activity. I tickle a part of her body and she tells me that part which I tickled in English and Arabic. You can imagine her laughter. lol!

Then we continued with our five senses activities and worksheets. Reviewed the sense of sight and sense of hearing. Watched the TJ library powerpoint on I sense Islam. And another power point I had on Five Senses. She did this matching activity.

Sense of Taste
I gave her things that taste sour, bitter, sweet and salty. Told her to taste and show the correct label. You should have looked at her while she tasted bitter and sour. She was like laa laa Ummi, I do not like this taste. But she wanted sugar and sweet things more.. Yes yes I like sweet taste....

We spoke about taste buds and how they could get burnt when you eat very hot food.
Then she did this work sheet on sense of taste

Sense of smell
Gave her different fragrance to smell and tell me what they are. She guessed the substances (oud, perfume, coffee, etc etc).

We did this worksheet on sense of smell

Sense of touch
We spoke about feelings and emotions. Watched a power point on this topic. And discussed how Allaah has given us feelings and how good we feel when someone hugs and kisses us.

Then gave her some things to touch and put the correct labels.

She did this worksheet on sense of touch.

We learnt a bit about Dental Care and pasted the primary teeth chart on the environmental studies book.

Explained to her that she has 20 primary teeth and all of them will fall when she becomes 6 years old. She was like shocked. Why??? I said Allaah wants to give you stronger teeth. So when all of this fall Allaah will gave you more teeth and very much stronger. She was settled I guess! Now she is waiting for them to fall : )

We learnt about how to take care of our teeth, flossing the teeth and drinking lot of water, also eating healthy food.

We did this tooth craft from dltk.

She traced this T is for Toothbrush and Toothpaste worksheet.

Then she did this fixing appointments cutting and pasting worksheet. Now that she knows the o'clocks she could do this independently.

Asmaaul Husna
We learnt 2 more names and meanings

Qur'aan Memorization
She has memrized Soorah At Taariq masha Allaah and we have not started anything new. Just revisiing the old soorahs. She has still not got out of her phase fully. But much better now Alhamdulillaah!

Reading, Writing, Language
Alhamdulillaah Maimoonah has really progressed in reading with Glenn Doman's method. Now I have put her onto books fully and she learns to read through reading books. And I want to make this interesting too and my husband keeps telling me to check her comprehention constantly. So this week Maimoonah read this Noddy book, masha Allaah!. I read one page and then she reads the next and we go on.

I got these early reading activities from A Muslim Child is Born and made Maimoonah read and do the activities for her comprehension.

We also made these books to go along with the topic and Maimoonah could read them throughout the week. These books could be downlaoded at dltk Insha Allaah!

Maimoonah was busy this week with writing as well as there were many worksheets to do on the topic. And her writing is also improving by the grace of Allaah! Here are some of her writings and worksheets she did on Five Senses.

We studied the Parts of the Body in Arabic which we had pasted sometime back on our Environmental Studies book. These we got from A Muslim Child is Born.

We also learnt these two letters.

We did Chapter 31. We learnt to share 7 shells between two people and made these equations.

Montessori Activities
To go along with the topic I asked her to pick things are put them on to another basket using her toes. She was struggling at the beginning and enjoyed the challange and did pretty well afterwards.

PS: Insha Allaah I will try to finish the curriculum lesson plans for the last 4 weeks before Monday and with that our Preschool Islaam is my life Curriculum will end and another school year will end as well, Alhamdulillaah!


Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaikum

Mashaa'Allaah! Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum for the updates. Lol I thought it was so cute you guys tickle fest hehe! Making learning fun is nice Mashaa'Allaah. Glad to know that Maimoonah is coming along out of her phase. May Allaah make things easier for the both of you Aameen. Ok so the Montessori Activity was funny...need to let the girls try that out one day. Mabrook on you guys almost finishing up with your curriculum indeed it has been a benefit to many by Allaah's leave. Do you have any plans as to what you guys are going to do after you complete the curriculum! Oh yeah I love the little tooth activity...I may have to borrow that idea, or two, or three :)

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Suhailah,

O yes she had great fun this whole 2 weeks. I am sure your girls will enjoy the montessori activity Insha Allaah!

Yes Alhamdulillaah just trying to do the 4 weeks and finish up Insha Allaah. I am planning to do another curriculum for next school year Insha Allaah but not thought of anything in particular. Will be starting the next school year Insha Allaah after Eid in September. So now need to plan the Ramadhaan activities first then think and plan the next school year Insha Allaah. But whatever I do will be sharing with all of you : )

Jazzakillaah Khayr for all the lovely comments!

UmmAdam said...

Assalaamu alaikum dear sis,

Masha Allah, I loved all the activities you did! Can imagine her laugh, really, kids just loves that kind of activities! And masha Allah, nice writing! And Im so happy to hear that she is on her way through that phase regarding Quran, may Allah make it easy on both of you!

And then I have to say Im relieved to know you will continue to share your new curriculum insha Allah, smile, Im a big fan of your creative and well adjusted approach of teaching islam to kids masha Allah! Looking forward to everything coming insha Allah.

Nidha Nayeem said...

Assaalamu alaykum, sister Umm Maimoonah,
Could you please provide the links for the Arabic names of the body Parts on Umm An-Nu'man's page. I looked but couldn't find. Also, the hadith about the Body parts speaking on the Day of Judgement.

Jazaki Allahu khairan. Your curriculum has greatly benefited us.

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