Thursday, 24 November 2011

Insects and Birds!

The Science Topics for this week included Insects and Birds. Since we did a little bit of in depth study on these topics, I thought I will post this seprately and link it on to the summary post later Insha Allaah!

As for Insects we opt to make this Lap Book which turned out to be a wonderful study Alhamdulillaah!

We used our Encylopedias and internet to find out facts and wrote on the Lap Book. The good this about this Lap Book was you had to find the facts on your own. Reading the encylopedia searching on the internet helped Maimoonah to see how we search for things, read and pick up points and how we record and study! We have not done this kind of Lap Books before and I think this was very much age appropriate as well as she was very interested in writing. She just loved the whole process so did I!

This is the Cover of the Lapbook which has the Body Parts of the Insect labelled. We did a little bit of creepy crawlies decoration! lol!

This is the inside of it at a glance!

We wrote down some names of the Insects for the Vocabulary. And we looked up on the Encyclopedia and learnt how the insects proect themselves and recorded on Insect Defence. We checked the internet and wrote with what the Insects see, breathe, smell (we learnt they have no nose: ),etc etc, we could not find the proper answer for how they feel, or with what they feel, any body who knows please tell us Insha Allaah! Then Maimoonah wrote all what the insects eat on "Insect Diet". We checked if the Spider was a Insect or not and wrote the reason why?!


On the other side we wrote how Insects communicate, she was amazed to know that they flash lights, dance, make noise etc etc. 

We listed out the characteristics of the Insects, like they have 6 legs, they have three body parts etc etc. We had some nice books on creepy crawlies. we read them as well and Maimoonah opted to write the life cycle of the butterfly and the Ladybug.

She also listed out who eats Insects on "Predators of Insects".

Then gave her finger paints and asked her to draw some creepy crawlies. She used her stencil and drew a butterfly and painted it, used her fingers and painted a caterpillar and also seeing this post folded up the paint and made a colourful butterfly! that was actually kept for counting bugs and recording, since we do not see enough bugs over here I asked her to use paint and do something relative lol!


The back cover has Insect Reproduction, for which I just wrote they mate and lay eggs and explained to her just like human beings male and female gets married and have babies and they come out from the egg and become an adult. She did not ask any questions lol, which saved me from lot of things! Then it also has Insect classification, we did not study those but just recorded. It also has "Use of Insects" we learnt that Insects are useful to keep this world clean and we get silk and even food colouring through Insects.

I reminded Maimoonah Allaah is Al Khaaliq and Al Mussawwir and He is so perfect that only He could create all this Insects with such amazing characteristics. And He created them for our use and He taught the insects what they should do to live and we discussed the aayah from soorah Nahl as to how Allaah says that He inspired the bees how they should make honey!

Also one sweet sister from South Africa sent Maimoonah this Butterfly which if you put into water for about 72 hours it soaks and becomes big. So Maimoonah was excited to try it out. She did the needful and still waiting to see how big it becomes. Tomorrow it will be 72 hours Insha Allaah.


 We learnt about Different Kinds of Birds and all about them with the help of the encyclopedia.

 We learnt their Body Parts!

We learnt a whole heap of facts about Birds, how they eat, where they live, how they protect their nestling, How they attract other birds and how they warn the other birds when there is danger, The same sweet sister from South Africa sent Maimoonah this wonderful informative Book on Birds of Africa. Jazzakillaah Khayr dear sister for this wonderful gift!

   It has facts about lot if Birds and also has colour pictures of all the birds as well as colouring pictures. The facts were so interesting. Maimoonah was so sad to read that the Hud Hud bird makes its nest so smelly and dirty. She was upset so I had to explain to her they make it that way as the book says probably because to protect the eggs from other animals eating, due the smell and being dirty they do not come to the nest to eat the eggs. This was so interesting and just could not finish in a week. We coloured only few pictures but read many facts and will continue do so Insha Allaah. She was laughing and giggling when she read the "Grey Lorie" Bird says "Goaway Goaway" when it wants to warn the other birds from Danger". Subhanallaah the Creation of Allaah is indeed Unique and Amazing!!!

 We learnt why birds have feathers and the largest and the smallest birds!


We recorded some of the facts we found about Birds on the Environmental Studies Book.

Also we made these Scavenger Hunt Cards and Maimoonah read these and answered the questions I asked her. Nice way to keep some facts in mind! You can get them from here

Alhamdulillaah this was a good learning experience and a little tiring too but we enjoyed this very much!


Imaan said...

as salaamu `alaykum :)

You've just reminded me that I need to remind the kids to notebook their Science studies. This is by far their favourite subject! Loving your updates - so inspiring ma shaa Allah :)

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Imaan,

Masha Allaah it would be more interesting to see them doing note booking as they are older! Jazzakillaah Khayr for the encouragement.

Umm Imaan said...

Assalaamu alaiuk ukhti :)

Masha Allah, great work you have been doing:) love the lapbook! shukran for sharing the link for the scavenger hunt cards, its just what I have been looking for :) Imaan is always asking me the names of the different birds or trees and I have a limited knowledge of their names offhand.

I am busy researching a unit on our local flora and fauna of South Africa I have to check for that book the sister sent you masha Allah tabaraAllah :) May Allah reward her for her kindness.

Fe Amaanillah
Umm Imaan

Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaiki :)

Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum! Was that all in one day? If so you guys did heaps of work in one day! Mashaa'Allaah. It looks like both of you guys enjoyed it too :)

Lol this made me laugh:

The back cover has Insect Reproduction, for which I just wrote they mate and lay eggs and explained to her just like human beings male and female gets married and have babies and they come out from the egg and become an adult. She did not ask any questions lol, which saved me from lot of things!

Lol! I can only imagine Suhailah asking me more questions and me saying: "Ask your father when he comes home!"

very nice work you guys and very indepth- which means at the end of Kindergarten Maimoonah will have some nice work to review Inshaa'Allaah :)

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaahi wabarakaathuhu Akhawaat,

Umm Imaan, looking forward to your Projects on flora as well as birds Insha Allaah! Yes please do try and get the book the sister sent, since you can see some of the birds over there in will be pretty interesting bi idhnillaah! Wa iyyaaki and thanks for all your lovely words!

Umm Suhailah, no it was not on one day, may be three days Insha Allaah. We do not do everything on one day as it is very stressful. we do part by part this helps Maimoonah to remember facts.

Oh yes, you better be ready for it! May Allaah guide us to explain things to our kids that would be pleasing to Him and beneficial for them Insha Allaah!

Yes Insha Allaah, my goal is what ever we do I want the project to be helpful for her in the future too as some revision Insha Allaah, so I try my best to make it worthy by the help of Allaah!

Barakallaah feekum for being there always to appreciate us and encourage us!

NoorJanan Homeschool said...

AsSalaamu Alaikum. You are quite an artist! That insect looks really nice. This blog post is very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

InshaAllah, I would love it if you could link up your blog. I would like all Muslim homeschoolers to get inspiration from post like these.

JazakAllah Khayrm.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam sis Kamilah, Oh no not at all I am really really very bad with art and very far away from an artist!! Truly, I hated art when I was in school and left it altogether when I came to a grade when they allowed me to choose between art and English Literature, I was so happy to say good bye to it. But homeschooling is making we do something lol! Thanks for your compliments, I have linked up Insha Allaah! Wa iyyaaki wa barakallaah feekum!

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