Friday, 12 August 2011

Ramadhaan Activities 12 - 2011 - Jumuah in Ramadhaan!

Alhamdulillaah we were able to go for Jumuah today to the masjid after some time. So before we went we watched the TJ Jumuah Powerpoint and learnt many things.

Then Maimoonah had a bath got ready and wanted to take one the prayer mat's she made to the masjid. She took it and in fact prayed on it : )

With her prayer mat ready to go for Jumuah

Masha Allaah the Imaam was talking about the explanation of Soorah Faatiha from the book of Shaikh Uthaimeen raheemahullaah. Even though the khutbah was in Arabic masha Allaah I was able to catch mots of it due to the fact that the subject was known Alhamdulillaah. Maimoonah was happy too since she heard the Imaam saying some hadeeth she already knew in Arabic like the hadeeth of the 99 names of Allaah!.

So we prayed Jumuah came back home and did this Journal Entry. Maimoonah loves cutting small pieces of papers, so we decided to make the masjid collage.  She cut the pieces.

Pasted and wrote on the journal.


JenMun(a) said...

salamualaikum wa rahmatullah dear sister,
I like your Ramadan-Series;)very inspriing! Maimoonah is just lovely, I wish I could pray some Rakat with her;)We also went to the friday prayer today and listened to the benefits and importance of Hajj.
Next week Shaikh Falah from Kuwait will vist our Masjeed inschaAllah and stay for some days. I'm excited to hear the Shaikh´s lectures bi ´idnillah..


UmmMuhammad said...

MashaAllah habibti, you were absolutely elegant in your hijab and abyaya :) I am loving that prayer rug too mashaAllah... ramadhan mubarak!

Umm Umamah said...

Assalamo alaikum Ukhti,
Just saw your comment over at my blog. Jazakallaho khairun for your kind words :) I have to totally agree with Umm Muhammad's comment Mashallah. and I simply LOVE the vibrant mosaic mosque Mashallah!

Anonymous said...

As salaam alaikum,

That collaged masjid is just wondeful, maashaa Allah. I am very impressed!


Umm T.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah Ya Akhawaat,

And Jazzakumullaah Khayr for all the lovely comments.

Umm Muad, that's so wonderful to have Shaikh Falaah Ismail there this Ramadhaan. I remember the duroos we had back at home with him hafidahullaah, just wonderful! Hope and pray all of you benefit from him Insha Allaah!

Umm Muhammad, barakallaah feekum for stopping by with all your busy schedules! Ramadhaan Mubarak to you too!

Umm Umamah, yes masha Allaah it did turn out well masha Allaah, this is the first time we have done such a thing.

Umm Tafari, we are honoured by your comment : )

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