Saturday, 10 December 2011

Continents and Nations!

This week we started Geography and began studying about Continents and Nations. We already did Continents last year and Maimoonah was familiar with all the continents and could name all of them. Since we will be covering all the Continentsa and the Nations I thought I will post this seperatly Insha Allaah and then every week post the revelvant continent study with our weekly summary. Since there are many pictures I made a slideshow with captions. You can see the pics at the end Insha Allaah!

So what are we using for the study?

Insha Allaah I hope to continue this study next year as well in detail, so I decided we will have a binder instead of a book so that we can keep on adding what we do and start from where we have stopped.

First we read Zaynab and Zakariyah the New Neighbour. Maimoonah loves this book and we read it very often. Its a cute book and explains the Aayah "O Mankind we have created you from a male and female and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may know one another". We spoke about this and read the explanation on the book.

As I told in my previous post Maimoonah is crazy with stencils, so I asked her to decorate the above Aayah on a page with her stencils. She stayed up the night and finished it even though I told her to go to sleep, it was way past her bedtime but masha Allaah she wanted to do it and did well.

Then She put together the Continent Puzzle.

Sometime back we had bought her a continent and flags wooden activity kit from a local store here which was pretty cheap and it became handy now. You get a map of the world with countries marked and you get some flags. You got to pin the flags correctly on the map. The wooden piece can be folded to see the back side, as at the back it has the picture of the flag and the name of the country. So this way children can do this on their own and Maimoonah learnt many countries and their flags fast as I have just kept that on the floor near her study area. 

Then this week we had to study about Africa and Antarctica. She completed the "My Book of Continents" Africa and Antarctica pages.

We printed out all the African Flags of the African countries from here and filed next to the African Continent page. We coloured few of the Flags and read some facts about the countries and I asked her to find those countries on the map and she liked this a lot. She was racing to find them. We can continue this next year as well since there are so many countries to cover; ) We also talked about Muslim countries in Africa.

Then we read about Antarctica and what happens there and who lives there. She completed the Antarctica page.

We revised the book of people we made last year. And read the Book of Countries (Arabic) and learnt the Arabic names for some of the African countries and land marks.

Here are the pics.


Umm Khadeeja said...

Asalaamu alaikum ukhti,

So nice mashAllah to see what you are doing espeacily as we are doing something similar. I'll show Khadeeja your pics some time tomorrow inshallah (I have started showing her pics of other home school kids work....she seems to like looking at what others are doing and I think helps her to understand there are others like her, doing the same things at home like we do too!)
JazakAllah khayr for sharing sis...when the kids get older we'll have to let them "present" their work to each other inshallah lol. (thats one thing I do try to encourage with Khadeeja....getting her to see other children's work so she can take and develop her own ideas).
I'm sure Khadeeja will enjoy having Maimoonah teach her something mashALlah. (alhamdulillah for the internet! lol)

I found on google images yesterday a blogger who had made the Montessori style continent puzzle. (I thought would make a nice activity even if its adapted to just piece the continents together and stick in their books / folders)Thought it may interest you anyway perhaps


Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum ukhti :)

Masha Allah that is great work :) I love that site Arabic comes first! Lots of amazing free arabic printables :) I downloaded loads of things from there after Umm Suhaila shared it on her blog.

Fee Amaanillah
Umm Imaan

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah Ya Akhawaat,

Umm Khadeejah, I used to show Maimoonah all the blog pics from the time I started the blog. She is so familar with the names of all of the kids on the blogs and awaits seeing them. It does motivate her to do work as she sometimes say now Adam also must be reading like Maimoonah, Sarah also must be doing that and so on.. Its a nice way to have an online friendship for our kids too as they grow they can be pals Insha Allaah and develop a nice relationship upon the haqq. Oh yeah she will be happy to teach as well as to learn from Khadeejah Insha Allaah, she loves when kids teach her too! Jazzakillaah Khayr I checked out the link you gave, it looks so nice isn't it. It gave me some idea for sewing with Maimoonah lol! lets see how it goes Insha Allaah!

Umm Imaan, jazzakillaah khayr. I love the site too. I knew about it before even Maimoonah was born and started downloading and collecting them. I used it from the time she was 2 and she just caught all the vocabulary, in fact I wrote to the brother to do more :) Also it is great more because it comes from an authentic source bi idhnillaah! I have it linked up on my blog under resources from the beginning but I guess all do not check all links :) and may Allaah bless Umm Suhailah for taking the time to blog about all what she comes across and are beneficial.

Anonymous said...

mashAllah well done.
My girls always follow the blogs I follow. I let them see the pictures and explain who made what, and how much fun they had learning about sth. Indeed it is very motivating for our girls, they love looking at other children's work/pictures and making their own stories. then they get more ideas and do sth similar on their own initiative. i might be cooking or washing or tidying the living room and they keep coming asking for this and that and finally come up to me with their finished work lol. MashAllah, virtual learning. They do grow with a sense of virtual community
Umm Maimoonah, i just found this e book that you can incorporate into your geography lessons. it is only $1 and had a good feedback from sisters who already have it. The book is called Kids of the Ummah and talks about different countries/cultures of muslims around the world.

loved your stitching post too, mashAllah :)

umm Sumayya

Umm Maimoonah said...

Masha Allaah children are such cuties most of the time masha Allaah! Nice to hear about your girls. I love when they initiate things and do more than we ask them to do.

Jazzakillaah Khayr for the link. Have you got this book? I just wanted to see what is in it before I buy as I am careful about from who I take the dheen in case this book has anything to do with Islaam I would like to check before buying since I have never heard about this author. If you do have the book just give me an outline what it consists Insha Allaah!

Thanks, do you do sewing with your girls? Would like to see what they do Insha Allaah!

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